LC9 Fight It Out For “MaMa Beat”


Word play from Nega Network in a previous teaser titled “League of Competition #9” was for the company’s new and upcoming boy group”LC9. Originally the boys were known as Brown Eyed Boys and were shown performing a vocally challenging song to give an idea on how talented these guys really are. 

In a completely new style, Nega Network decided to release some solo teasers of the members starting with J-Hyo. Showing a playful rapper image with some suave moves he seems to be setting the standard of what we can expect from the new group with the background music of Thrift Shop. J-Hyo had been training for a long time and was featured in Miryo‘s Dirty music video prior to his debut. The second teaser took a more solitary and emotional route, with a soft ballad track and second member Rasa crying into the night sky. There are video clips that accompany him which look like audition tapes of the members. If you have heard of gravity defying hair, nothing can compare to the third teaser featuring member King. The teaser includes Skrillex‘s classic tune Bamarang and a typical cliche messy teenager on strike room. King is obviously showing the more rebellious side of the group, and seems to be doing so with bright colours and a hairdryer.

Breaking a groove in the middle of a road in the fourth teaser is member AO. At first glance he looks innocent and starts tapping his feet to the music in his ears, but when the crossing signs go green, he stands in the middle of the crossing and goes full power in showing his skills. Now we cant have a K-pop group without one member being named as the visual of the group and it seems the fifth member Jun is going to take that name. Showing a sweet boy in love style he is sure to have the ladies swooning in the fifth teaser. And lastly we have the sixth member teaser introducing E.Den. Soft, sweet and charming, this teaser is light and mysterious, only fully showing his face near the end where he sends ‘come to bed’ eyes at the camera. 


From the teasers we can gather that these boys are a mixture of personalities, and that possibly their videos reflect who they really are. But as far as the teasers go about giving us a heads up to their debut, it’s really vague and contradictory to their member photos, which have an otherworldly/galaxy feel. There seemed to be no direction with the teasers, and people found it hard to actually know whether LC9 were a group for them or not. When the music video teaser came out it completely threw people off balance, as once again it was contradictory. The group look hardcore and powerful in a closed off street set, preparing superpowers and fist fighting, nothing of which was picked up within the member teasers. But what also caught my eye was the fact GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls (and recently from Psy’s ‘Gentleman‘ music video) features on their debut song, and was the main vocal of this teaser. Seven teasers on and we still don’t know what to expect.

Finally the official music video has been released, and has been plastered with a 19+ certificate for violence and gore. “What on earth are they talking about?” I hear you say. The previous videos have been mediocre and cutesy, but boy are you all in for a surprise! 

We get to hear the style that LC9 have been given, presenting their debut song “MaMa Beat“. A mixture of old-school boy band background music, mixed with rap and pop vocals with a slight electro and chiptune resemblance. The video is definitely not one for the squeamish and shows a battle of the powers. It’s very Scott Pilgrim vs the World with a few cute and comedic moments, but the use of weapons, brutal force and fake blood give this debut a whole new meaning to ‘Beast-dols’. I myself am VERY impressed with the video; it looks as though a lot of  thought has gone into it. The song on the other hand is drowned out by the sound effects and I find myself being distracted too much by the video to even notice the song. I do believe this group has a lot of potential, and if they follow on with the whole superpowers and beastly style they could come off as being unique. We have aliens in the form of B.A.P and VIXX, now lets have some superheroes!

Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts on the song and style? Would you like to see more videos in this style? What about the music, does it fit with the video style? 


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