Finale of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 leaked after Blu-Ray release error in the US

The Name of the Doctor

In the words of beloved Doctor Who character River Song: “Spoilers!”

Yes Who fans, be wary on the Internet this week, for the Blu-Ray of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 has been leaked… which includes the finale, The Name of the Doctor, which hasn’t even been aired yet!

This news comes from the US, where apparently a production error has led to pre-orders of the box set being shipped early to fans. What this means is that a full week before the airing of the series finale fans will be able to see the episode before everyone else. Which is good for them, but potentially a disaster for everyone else excited for the finale! 

In light of this, there have been a few Tweets from those involved with Doctor Who to urge the preservation of the viewing experience. Edward Russell, BBC Brand Manager of Doctor Who tweeted about the incident, urging fans to not spoil the experience for others.


Over on the official Doctor Who Twitter a couple of tweets reflect on the situation. The first one involves how the Doctor Who team would be grateful if no one spoils the experience for everyone else:


While the other is something much more lucrative. Showrunner Steven Moffat has incentivised the notion of not spoiling the episode by offering the release of a video involving Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, and David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor after next week’s finale:


It goes without saying that this will be very, very awesome. For one thing, it will be the first time we’ll see Tennant in Doctor Who since his departure. For another, it’s a long wait until the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in November, where Tennant and Billie Piper will reprise their roles of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler opposite Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, who will play the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald.

David Tennant Matt Smith

Be wary of social media, and be wary of your fan sites. Spoilers are the worst things in existence for fans, especially when they revolve around such a key episode. 

Hopefully those that pre-ordered the box set will be mindful of others. In the past fans have watched advanced screenings of Doctor Who episodes before they were aired and were requested to hold off spoilers, and they usually follow their wishes.

This isn’t the only time an error has sent out a pre-order early enough to potentially spoil others. In those situations, creators have requested those involved to avoid spoiling anything about their works for fans that still have to wait. For example, a certain amount of copies of John Green’s most recent best-selling novel The Fault in our Stars were leaked well before the release date, leading Green and his community of fans to band together and make sure the book wasn’t spoiled before its release, and it worked. Many promised not to read or even open their delivery until the release date, and generally gave a wonderful solution to that annoying error.

Hopefully fans of Doctor Who will do the same with Series 7. Especially with Moffat promising to release a video involving Smith and Tennant that could only be worth it. Remember River Song. Remember “Spoilers!”

Take care in the week, Whovians. If all goes according to plan, nothing will be spoiled ahead of an episode Moffat himself says will “Change the course of Who forever.”

Shame the Doctor couldn’t sort out this problem. But the promise of seeing two Doctors together next week will be worth it.

It will be worth it.

The Name of the Doctor airs Saturday 18th May on BBC One at 7PM. 

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