The Accelerators #1 review

The Accelerators Issue #1Have you ever wondered who would win if a Nazi soldier went one-on-one with a caveman, or what might happen if a Knight of the Realm went head-to-head with a 1950s gangster? Who hasn’t right? Now imagine that mixed in with an event filled manhunt through time and you have the premise of the opening issue of the all new indie comic The Accelerators.

Written and created by R.F.I Porto, drawn by Gavin P. Smith and published by Blue Juice Comics, The Accelerators is an action packed, era-hoping thrill ride through time that leaps out of the page with clawed fingers grabbing at your imagination and refuses to let go.

In the opening pages, we are welcomed into a brutal battle arena, somewhere in a dystopian future, where all number of warriors from different time periods pit their skills against each other in a battle to the death.

Meanwhile, back in 1970, we are introduced to Lex, a physicist from 1965 and sole surviving member of a team, who happens to be in possession of a Trans-temporal Toroidal Field Generator, also known as a Donut, which is a small device that allows the person holding it to travel forward in time. She has been jumping uncontrolled through time, but what is it that she is running from?

We quickly see that she is being pursued through time by a mysterious uniformed character called Bertram, who is desperately trying to convince her to hand over the Time Donut, telling her that her random time jumps are “reckless and need to stop, to prevent any more damage.” Don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be so quick to take the word of a gun wielding nut case.

Lex too decides that he may not be telling the truth and she continues to jump in an effort to escape Bertram’s clutches. Unfortunately he is pretty relentless in making his point and remains hot on her heels.

Finding herself in 1991, Lex makes a run for it, blindly running into traffic and into the path of an oncoming truck. Just before impact she jumps again, but what she didn’t count on is that a teenager with good intentions would attempt to save her life, making contact just as she jumps, causing him to jump with her.

Crash landing in a shopping mall in 2012, with Bertram not far behind them, Lex and her new companion head for the roof while she attempts to explain the situation to him. He takes the news of time travel pretty well, but the armed pursuer and the fact that he can seemingly never go back worry him a little.


She tells him how Bertram killed her entire team and that he is in fact… oh come on; did you really think that I would give the game away? To find out who Bertram is, how Lex got her hands on the Donut, or the relevance of the battle arena, you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

The Accelerators is an indie masterpiece, a real must read. Porto has created a fantastic and intriguing world, which has been beautifully brought to life by the art of Smith. If you look carefully you can see all number of pop cultural references, and even a brief cameo from AMC’s Comic Book Men.

Speaking of the comic book men, the cover for The Accelerators issue #1 is drawn by the super talented Mr Walt Flanagan, who previously spoiled us with his talents on such projects as War Of The Undead, Batman: Cacophony and Batman: Widening Gyre.

For the first time in a long while I found myself completely captivated and hooked. The debut issue leaves you with so many what’s, where’s, why’s and how’s that you’ll find yourself counting down the days until you can get your hands on the next issue.

The Accelerators #1 is released on May 22nd and should be available at all good comic shops, but just in case, make sure you get your order in, as this is one book that you can’t afford to miss.


For inside information on the comic visit Blue Juice Comics.

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