The Best Of Raw and Smackdown 2012 DVD review

WWE Best of Raw Smackdown 2012 DVDEach week almost 14 million viewers in the U.S alone tune in to be entertained as WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends perform on Monday night Raw and Friday night Smackdown, with millions more tuning in around the globe. Each and everyone of those (us) viewers were spoilt in 2012, which was a huge year for the WWE, both in and out of the ring. Wars were fought, legends were born, records were broken, and familiar faces returned. It was a real unmissable year for the WWE. But if for some crazy reason you did miss out, then all of the best action has been neatly compressed into this wonderful 3-disc set that is, The Best Of Raw and Smackdown 2012.

As always best of’s can be subjective, especially when you are attempting to squeeze 52 weeks of top notch action into an eight hour compilation, but the guys up in the entertainment department have done a top notch job with this set.

2012 had it all; non-stop thrills, fantastic promos, engaging storylines and of course grade A in-ring action, kicking off with the war of words between WWE golden boy John Cena and ‘The Great One’ – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. They built up to their much anticipated ‘Once In A Lifetime’ (or not as it turns out) match at Wrestlemania and from there it just gets better and better. We are shown the shocking return of Brock Lessner, some well-intentioned (but overplayed) anger management lessons, The Undertaker’s torment of HHH, Ryback’s arrival, the dictatorship of John Laurinaitis, Big Show’s transformation and the rise to prominence of the beautiful yet crazy AJ Lee, who is blessed with numerous storylines.

For me though, the year really belonged to two men – Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. Dolph Ziggler climbed the ladder, not only to claim the money in the bank briefcase, but also to become one of the most exciting young Superstars in the business. Rebranding himself as ‘The Show Off’ he had a fantastic year, winning many high profile matches and cementing himself as a big gun. On top of that we got to watch one of the greatest all round entertainers, CM Punk, continue his dominant reign as WWE Champion. His battles with Jericho, Cena and the WWE Universe were nothing less than epic as he proved to be the complete package; majestic in the ring, outstanding on the mic and… well you get the idea; he is ‘the best in the world’.

CM Punk_main (WWE)

Anyway, enough of the butt kissing. Not all the WWE Superstars careers changed for the good, oh no. Jack Swagger for one seemed to just vanish (but did return with a vengeance in 2013). Rey Mysterio became nothing more than a bit player and we watch as Daniel Bryan, who began the year so strong, taking on CM Punk in a Champion vs. Champion match, fade from World Champion to the goat faced half of a comedy tag team.

One thing that does become clear after watching this set is that the WWE creative team concentrate a lot more on the Raw franchise than they do on Smackdown.

There are a few downsides to this DVD. Firstly, we are only shown one sequence from Raw’s incredible 1000th show, which in itself was so good that it deserves its own release. Then there is the fact that many of the storylines tend not to make sense to those who weren’t lucky enough to have seen the many pay-per-view events (all of which are also available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray).

All in all, you can’t help but lose yourself in this wonderful 3-disc set. There is just so much action that you’ll never want it to end.

The Best Of Raw and Smackdown 2012 is a must for all fans of the WWE and a great introduction to newbies.

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