WWE: The Best of WCW Monday Night Nitro Vol.2 DVD review

Best of WCW Monday Night Nitro DVDFor six fantastically entertaining years WCW Monday Nitro faced off against WWE Raw, both of which were pulling out all the stops to be crowd the kings of Monday night wrestling. It was a battle that was to become known as The Monday Night Wars.

Monday Night Nitro produced such a wealth of non-stop action, thrills, spills, drama and controversy that the initial Volume One set barely managed to scratch the surface, and thus, Volume Two was born.

Unlike many other compilation sets the WCW Nitro series has a nice flow to it, with the stories being laid out and the scenes being set by the returning host Diamond Dallas.

Volume 2 continues to deliver a seemingly endless supply of timeless moments, featuring the biggest stars that the company had to offer, such as Bill Goldberg, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kevin Nash, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and many, many more.

With so many great matches and moments you can’t help but be entertained. We get to see the birth of the Wolf Pac, Jericho’s war with Goldberg, Sting’s battles with DDP and of course, NWO’s domination of the brand.

Besides a wealth of in-ring action, entertaining storylines and telling sequences, The Best Of WCW Monday Night Nitro Vol.2 includes more Nitro Girls (which is always a bonus), Nitro parties, Spring Break Bashes and celebrity appearances (we all remember Dennis Rodman). On top of all that we are treated to many never before released matches and moments from WCW’s most successful era.

There is a truly touching moment during this action packed set when Diamond Dallas Page tells an emotional story about the late, great “Macho Man” Randy Savage, a real lump in the throat moment.

As you would expect, this 3-disc set is pretty NWO centric, with the majority of the action coming from the 1997-98 period, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as it really builds and sets the atmosphere of what Monday Night Nitro was all about during its most popular era.


While some of the in-ring moments aren’t great and many of the promos lacking, the storylines move along nicely, remaining uncomplicated and pretty fun to watch.

If you liked Volume One then you’ll love Volume Two, with its treasure trove of hidden gems, action filled sequences, bitter rivalries and familiar faces from yesteryear.

The Best of WCW Monday Night Nitro Vol.2 is a wonderful thing. Throughout the eight odd hours of action I at no point felt bored, although if its grade A, majestic in-ring action that you are looking for then there is every possibility that you will be left wanting. On the other hand if you are looking for a hugely entertaining compilation, then this is without any shadow of a doubt what you are looking for.

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