Joe and Stuart Save Expo: Part Two (MCM Buzz Manga)

Title: Joe and Stuart Save Expo

Released: 2012

Artist: Sophie Chipchase

Written by: Shalimar Sahota

Story by: Shalimar Sahota and Stuart Claw

Editor: Stuart Claw

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Synopsis: It’s the first day of the October 2012 London MCM Expo! Joe ‘Granny Getrude’ Sutton and Stuart Claw are looking forward to another fun-fuelled busy weekend. However, an unexpected threat means having to put things on hold as they suddenly come face-to-face with unimaginable horror! To help them combat the kerfuffle they receive a little help from a few friends at Tokyotoys – Sumomo and the Pocky Ninja! But will they be able to survive and save Expo?

When we last saw Joe, Stuart and Sumomo they were in the middle of choosing weapons from the Merchant. But what will they pick?

If you’ve just joined, or would like to recap, then you can read Part One here.


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