Web series Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows Kickstarter live, aiming for Autumn 2014 release

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The web series is a growing medium. With the format gaining traction and recognition, many more productions have cropped up in recent times, one of which being the Gabriel Cushing series.

With its first series, Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires, web series production team The Great Escape took it upon themselves to develop, produce, and distribute the ongoing tales of demon hunter Gabriel Cushing in a world full of “ghosts, ghouls, demons, and other assorted nasties” that lurk in the shadows.

David Curtis as Gabriel Cushing

David Curtis as Gabriel Cushing

Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires is an 8-part web series, soon to be followed this autumn with Gabriel Cushing: Strange Encounters. Hitting the ground running, The Great Escape plan to get straight into working on a third instalment of the tales of the titular demon hunter: Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows.

The third series will follow Gabriel Cushing (David Curtis) and his assistant Melanie (Sam Herbert), returning to battle evil forces in another action-packed 8-episode series. In this series of adventures, the demon-hunting duo will work to uncover the dark intentions of a cursed carnival troupe that prey on the souls of the living. Several unexplained disappearances draw them into an investigation, and as they delve deeper they reveal the carnival’s disturbing past and frightening portents of its future.

With their every step hounded by demonic clowns, terrifying beasts, freakish living dolls and other twisted creatures; they must hurry to unlock the secret to stopping the troupe forever.

Gabriel Cushing and the Carnival of Sorrows aims to have a bigger cast, bigger budget, and a more ambitious story than their previous outings, with shooting taking place in and around Portishead, Bristol, during August 2013. 

The Great Escape plan to crowd source more funding from fans and investors on Kickstarter, where the team have many rewards for those who fund at different milestones, starting at £1, right up to £1000. Such rewards include receiving a digital download of the entire series, to even a premiere screening and dinner with the cast and crew as well as the chance to be a true executive producer! The Kickstarter page for Gabriel Cushing and the Carnival of Sorrows also boasts a fair amount of production materials to help immerse others into their production experience. 

Sam Herbert as Melanie

Sam Herbert as Melanie

Not only is The Great Escape looking for crowd funding, but they are also looking for actors. Casting for the third series opens in June 2013, covering a number of roles, including major parts. The auditions are to be held in Portishead, Bristol, or via video link. They are looking for anyone and everyone suitable for their roles, so be sure to visit thegreatesc.com for casting calls and other production information, not to mention gabrielcushing.com for more information on the world of Gabriel Cushing.

The Great Escape will be attending the MCM London Comic Con this weekend as part of VidFest UK activities, promoting the first series of the Gabriel Cushing franchise, Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires. They will host a panel featuring some of the cast and crew on Sunday 26th May at 1:10PM, not to mention allowing attendees to check out concept art and behind the scenes photos for the future series and talk to the creators at their table in the VidFest UK section.








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