Quicksilver announced for… X-Men?


We’ve previously mentioned that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have been confirmed for Avengers 2. But today something interesting happened.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 15.53.00Oh cool… wait, what? Bryan Singer has been keeping his Twitter fans up to date with regular news bites and photos. But this was something we weren’t expecting and it raises a huge number of questions. So let’s look at some possibilities shall we?

Scenario #1: This is all some trick and tomorrow he’s going to Tweet “Gotcha!”

Scenario #2: Fox is trying to get Quicksilver first to prevent Marvel Studios from using the character. We’re not quite sure of the legalities here and whether both studios could have the character at the same time or not. Though if they could it’s hard to imagine Joss Whedon going with a character already in use elsewhere (meaning the character would be dropped or re-written for Avengers 2).

Scenario #3: This is actually a sign of cooperation between the two studios and Evan Peters will jump ship after X-Men to be in Avengers 2.

Out of all the possibilities #3 has to be the most exciting and isn’t quite such a crazy idea. Sony were all ready to have a cameo of the Osborn Tower in The Avengers but had to give up due to time constraints.

While Fox haven’t mentioned anything like this before, their creative consultant Mark Millar seems to have a positive attitude towards Marvel and their movies. Plus he did say this when he got the job about seven months ago: “What my dream is right, as a fan, my dream is that when you go and see any Marvel movie that it all feels as if they’re all taking place in the one universe like when you pick up a Marvel comic.”

We’ll keep you up to date on this as it progresses, but what do you think? Is this to be battle between Fox and Marvel or is it a new friendship?

Source: Twitter, Screenrant

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