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Live action film tie-ins to games have come a long way since their dreaded beginnings, where the most we initially saw was the distant and weak links to our favourite games. Developers are now working hand-in-hand with big screen studios, even going so far as to create their own studios for films which help expand on an existing franchise to wider audiences.

It’s safe to say that within the last few years live action shorts (such as Assassin’s Creed: Lineage and Ghost Recon: Alpha) have paved the road for projects such as Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, which has been a huge success in promoting Halo 4 and showing us all that the movie-game crossover industry is really kicking off. Now the 5-part web series is not only making its way into one feature show, but also hitting stores all across the country for hard copy purchase on Blu-ray and DVD.

Halo4 imgRight from the start you can tell that Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has been professionally made with a more than above average budget than most shows made for internet viewing. While it was created to simply highlight just how badass Halo is when Master Chief is stomping around, the troop of cadets appear to quiver and quake in the face of the Covenant menace while Chief continues forward as the iconic beacon we know so well. 

Played by Tom Green, cadet Lasky is struggling to live up to the reputation of his mother and brother, and throughout the show we see how a young Lasky comes to terms with his personal battles as well as the rapidly approaching threat of annihilation. However, I must confess that while I developed a love for the young cadet, he was almost forgotten when the Chief enters the picture; calmly discharging his pistol into anything alien that moves in glorious hyper-dramatic slow motion.

halo4 img2One thing that you will notice from watching Forward Unto Dawn as one long show instead of 15 minute snippets is that it feels much longer overall. I don’t mean this in the ‘drawn out and boring’ way however; it feels like the build-up is more gradual. With the earlier parts of the show providing only little amounts of action, it was easy for the excitement to die down between episodes during their initial release. However, you’re now fixed on the screen without any weekly distractions and you feel engaged for longer! For a film that is only 1 hour and 15 minutes long, you are guaranteed to stand up having enjoyed what feels like a full  length feature film in all the right ways, with still plenty of time left in your day to blast some Covenant in Halo 4.

Released on DVD and Blu-ray May 27th, you can take home this fantastic film and place it proudly within your collection. There’s so much more we can expect from 343 Studios and, as it was confirmed at the Microsoft conference only a few days ago, we know that a TV show will soon be hitting our screens with even more Halo action. So watch this space and in the meantime, pick up your copy of Halo Forward Unto Dawn!

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