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What if you suddenly woke up from the throes of death 250 years in the future to find the world is on the brink of destruction, caused by unimaginable events, and you are humanity’s last hope?

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow, the place where historical and supernatural worlds collide.

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen“), a soldier from the American Revolution of 250 years ago, suddenly finds himself out of his time in a place that is both familiar and strange; resurrected to unravel a mystery that dates back to America’s Founding Fathers. Brought back with Crane however is the infamous Headless Horseman who begins a bloody, murderous rampage in the present day town of Sleepy Hollow, where both have been buried; undiscovered for two and a half centuries. However, it is soon discovered that the Headless Horseman, is one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse – and Crane, who was bound to the Horseman by a blood spell that was cast on the Revolutionary battlefield, discovers that this event is only just the beginning.

As Ichabod finds himself in a town he no longer recognises, he finds the only familiarity he has, is in his pursuit to kill the seemingly immortal Horseman. Crane must work quickly to limit the Horseman’s destructive spree, as he has already killed the town sheriff, August Corbin (Clancy Brown, “Cowboys & Aliens“); who served as both mentor and father figure to Detective Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie, “American Violet“), a young cop who has had her own fair share of supernatural experiences in the form of childhood visions. Together Abbie and Ichabod must work together in order to piece together the intricate puzzles of Sleepy Hollow in the hopes of saving it. Through the pairs own histories – from Abbie’s visions, to Ichabod’s inclusion in the Secret Freemason’s society – both police officer and revolutionary soldier must team up to prevent the Apocalypse.

Here’s a first look of the new show, as released by FOX:

The show is brought to us by the creators and writers of Star Trek (2009), and combines the original Sleepy Hollow story with the Bible‘s ‘Book of Revelation‘ with just a dash of similarity with the National Treasure series of movies. The trailer looks good, and the mythology of the Four Horseman is original in the sense that Supernatural fans won’t be making comparisons between the shows (which I found myself doing when the first mentions of the Four Horseman arose). I find myself looking forward to seeing how the story in a modern setting could play out.

Sleepy Hollow was picked up by FOX, and is set to be shown on Mondays at 9-10pm in the 2013-14 Fall schedule.

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