Game & Wario Wii U Preview


While I’m not usually a supporter of mini-game collections, the WarioWare games have a blindingly fast pace and off the wall sense of humour that keeps them from getting stale and makes then great at parties. Very minimal explanation is needed, for you just jump in and have a laugh. Game & Wario is in essence an entry in the WarioWare franchise, but one that in some ways misses the point of why I love the series.

Game & Wario has several different modes that I was able to get some hands on time with. The first of these is the one most familiar to WarioWare fans, called Gamer. Filled with WarioWare style mini-games, the mode is controlled using your analogue sticks and A button. These play much like those in the button controlled WarioWare titles and are just as fun as ever.

The best addition to the mini-game playing format is the addition of an extra mode where you play these games on the Gamepad screen, while the TV shows a young child, up past their bedtime, playing games under the covers in bed. Every so often the child’s mother would walk past on the TV, forcing you to switch between playing on the Gamepad and watching the TV. Preparing to pretend to be asleep if she comes past, you fail when she catches you awake in bed. The addition doesn’t change much, but it provides a good extra layer of depth that increases the challenge of the games.

Other than this mode, the game moves away from the quick and fast paced mini-game format, focusing on larger, multi-stage mini-games. These all use tilt controls and touch screen mechanics to play through what would otherwise be fairly standard games, jumping over platforms or collecting gems while flying, but none of these extra modes really felt like they would sustain interest in the long term.

The other mini-games do provide some challenge, but they’re modes I’d play once and forget, lacking that humour and energy that makes many of the Wario games so engaging. For now, this at times feels like a WarioWare game, relegated to being an additional mode inside a larger, less interesting game. 

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