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Remember Me hasn’t had an easy start in life. Turned down by several publishers who were uneasy trying to sell a video game with a female protagonist to a market they feared didn’t exist, the game has finally been picked up by publisher Capcom for release later this year. We were able to get some hands-on time with the game at this year’s MCM London Comic Con, and I’m personally very excited for its release.

The game is set at the tail-end of this century, in a world where memories can be easily shared over the internet and experienced by friends or family. The corporation behind the technology begins to use this to their advantage, monitoring the world like a police state. You play as Nilin, part of a resistance movement fighting against the corporation’s control of humanity and trying to achieve their own goals by correcting people’s memories to alter their future actions.

The gameplay is split into two very separate styles: Assassins Creed-type exploration, combat and stealth segments, and Memory Remix segments which play out more like a Heavy Rain quick-time event sequence.

Each story mission drops you into an area with an objective. In the demo this was to find a target whose memory we were due to remix to cause him to kill himself. This involved travelling through some slums, scaling buildings, dropping down onto ledges and generally lots of techniques of finding your target that feel reminiscent of the Assassins Creed series, particularly the parts of those games set outside the Animus.

The Memory Remix segments are clearly the game’s big hook and they are enjoyable, even if the one on show was a little simple. You’re shown a memory from start to finish the way it actually played out; then the memory resets to the beginning, giving you the option to pause the action, alter minor details of the room and allow the action to continue. You might have to turn off the safety on a gun, or move a glass bottle from the table to the floor, all in an attempt to make the target remember events incorrectly and remember a chain of events that will change their actions. If the target’s wife walked out on him and you remix his memory so he thinks he killed her when she tried to walk out, there’s a good chance that will drive him to take his life, achieveing the mission’s goal of assassinating the target.

Remember Me looks very interesting. While it’s tough to tell from such a small glimpse what the finished product will be like, it’s certainly worth a look if you like the idea of Assassins Creed-style gameplay, in a futuristic setting and with an anti-corporation storyline.

A Remember Me Demo is available to play all weekend at the MCM London Comic Con.

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