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In 2012  ATTACK debuted in the K-pop scene with their song Plan B which consists of members JiyongSunghwanJonghunA, and Changwoo. ATTACK included two former KINO members as well as former SOS members. Since Plan B the group revealed that they had been busy doing activities in Japan. Now the boys are back with their new title track Hello Hello, which they describe as a hip-hop song with sad emotions. They hope that this will give them the opportunity to let K-pop fans know the name of ATTACK, not only in Korea and Japan, but also around the world. They took a moment out of their busy schedule to sit down and introduce themselves to the MCMBuzz readers by answering some questions.

Q: If you wasn’t a K-pop idol, what job would you like to do instead?
Sunghwan: It’s quite tough to choose one, but if I had to, I would like to be a person who can give comfort to others with words, as I like to entertain people. Or I would like to be a cook.
Jiyong: I would like to be an actor.
Jonghun: If I wasn’t an idol singer, I would be a normal student. And I also would like to have my own café in the future.
Changwoo: I would be a vocalist in a band because I like to sing and play instruments. My love for singing meant I sang on the street or in the café in the past.
A: If I wasn’t a K-pop idol, I would like to be a chief mate or doing something in athletics. I love to workout.

Q: A lot of people in Europe are currently doing their final exams and finishing school/college. What was your favourite or least favorite lessons in school?
Sunghwan: I liked lunch time the most, and the Chinese characters class the least.
Jiyong: I loved PE and disliked Math.
Jonghun: I only liked PE out of all my subjects.
Changwoo: Art and PE were my favorite classes, but I didn’t like Korean, English and Math.
A: My favorite class was English, but not Math.

Q: Everyone has someone who has inspired them to be where they are today. Who was it that inspired you to be K-pop idols?
Sunghwan: When I was in middle school I had a friend who told me, “You can be a famous singer someday later.” I think that led me to have a dream to be a singer.
Jiyong: Mr. LEE, my company representative. He always trusts and supports us to make our music career better, so we’re here at this point. I think I would not be here without Mr. LEE who chose me and gave me a lot of chances. 
Jonghun: My parents… they were, at first, opposed to what I’m trying to do, but they silently cheered me on at last.
Changwoo: I am inspired by my old band friends and some of my old fans, all of them supported me to be a K-pop idol.
A: I cannot choose one person. I think all the people around me inspired me to do this, and they definitely gave me some kind of energy. They made me who I am now.

Q: With the recent comebacks of other groups and their different styles and themes, is there a genre that you would like to do in the future?
Sunghwan: I think all of the group members are tall and have some mature images and this is our strong point. It could be more competitive if we have a manly concept in our music videos.
Jiyong: No other styles or themes to change. I would like to keep the same style like we have already. Friendly and easy to be with our fans, like the boy next door or a school friend. I like that kind of style.
Jonghun: It will be good to have some kind of “dandy man” style.
Changwoo: As the group members are all tall, I would like to try “professional model” style, or the wild and wooly jungle man concept in the near future.
A: I have no idea on this, but I think it would be fun if we dance with vampire clothes.


Q: The Hallyu Wave has hit the world with a huge impact. What are your thoughts on K-pop becoming known globally? Do you think that Korean music is being portrayed well?
Sunghwan: Not only K-pop but also Korean movies, dramas and TV shows are getting very popular all over the world, and I’m so proud of being Korean. Especially, on behalf of Asia, K-pop is loved worldwide and I’m so happy we are also in the center of that.
Jiyong: I feel proud that “Hallyu” is popular worldwide.
Jonghun: I think K-pop is musically competitive in the worldwide music scene, and I think it is attractive to see a powerful group dance with an Asian’s beautiful and small body shape.
Changwoo: I feel proud that K-pop is known and loved all around the world and I respect all Korean singers who have tried so hard to let the world know about K-pop, and we as ATTACK are also in the K-pop wave and I’m so proud of that.
A: I’m proud that Korea has been growing a lot, and I think K-pop has some kind of delightful and powerful energy to move the hearts of anyone, so it will spread rapidly around the world in the future.

Q: If you had a chance to collaborate with any groups or soloists in the K-pop world right now, who would you choose?
Sunghwan: I would like to collaborate with YoonHa. As one of her old fans, I think her voice is so attractive.
Jiyong: Jaejoong and Junsu from JYJ
Jonghun: Girls’ Generation.
Changwoo: CHO Yongpil, the legend of K-pop in Korea.
A: GaIn who played a big role of PSY’s Gentleman music video.

Q: It’s not just Korean music that has made a big impact in the UK and western world, but Korean movies, dramas and variety shows. If you could feature on a show which one would you pick and why? 
Sunghwan: I feel proud that Korea’s variety shows are so popular in western countries. My favorite variety show is Muhan Dojeon (Infinity Challenge). I think it has a really well-made story and the best host, Yoo Jaeseok, with the other members on the show who are really well harmonised.
Jiyong: I also think Muhan Dojeon is the best and I like Yoo Jaeseok so much. It has the best members I’ve ever seen.
Jonghun: I like Star King. It is so interesting to see the people who are talented enough to be in the Guinness Book of Records.
Changwoo: 1Night 2 Days, I think all of the members in that show are such brilliant people and they introduce a lot of nice places that I never knew of.
A: I love to watch Running Man because I like Yoo Jaeseok, and I think he is so funny and the most powerful man in that programme.

Q: If you could travel to any country which one would you go to and why?
Sunghwan: I would like to explore the world’s popular historic sites such as pyramids in Egypt or Machu Picchu in Peru.
Jiyong: Akita, a heavy snow fall area in Japan. I imagine that I would enjoy the spa in the snow and it would be really fantastic.
Jonghun: I don’t have any special country that I would like to travel to, but if there’s a beautiful island then I would love to go someday.
Changwoo: AFRICA! I really want to see the jungle, not just on TV.
A: I’ve been to Australia before, I was hooked by its beautiful colour of the sea and the sky. I would love to go there again.

Q: Do you have any messages for the readers?
Sunghwan: To the fans of MCMBuzz, try to be friendly to ATTACK so that we can get close to you. I love you all.
Jiyong: We’re going to do our best in our music and other various entertainment areas like musicals and dramas, so please keep watching us with love!
Jonghun: We’re ready to show you another fresh, fascinating music style, so please keep supporting us!
Changwoo: We’re going to try hard to show many different sides of ATTACK, so please wait and support ATTACK!
A: Thanks for your interest in ATTACK and please listen to our new single “Hello Hello” with love. Thank you.

So as the boys have said, their new single “Hello Hello” has been released and you can view it below. Leave some comments so that they can see they have love from around the world. And remember to support them on their Official Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. A huge thank you to ATTACK and their entertainment company for taking the time to answer these questions. 

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