Teen Wolf panel at MCM London Comic Con May 2013

Tyler Hoechlin (Derek), Crystal Reed (Allison), executive producer Christian Taylor, Holland Roden (Lydia) and Daniel Sharman (Isaac)

Saturday’s Teen Wolf panel was packed (sorry – couldn’t resist!). Executive producer Christian Taylor and actors Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden and Daniel Sharman – who play Derek, Allison, Lydia and Isaac, respectively – were met with explosive screams as they took to the stage for a Q+A session focused on the show’s upcoming Season 3.

To begin with, the audience was treated to a dramatic trailer (below), followed by a sneak preview of one of the scenes. Both suggested a much darker direction for the series, in particular the preview, which had a strong Hitchcock vibe.

One fan posed the question: “How did you guys deal with the change in atmosphere?”

“I think it seemed like a natural progression,” Reed replied. “We moved our production from Atlanta to California and I think we were growing up and going through different things, so it seemed quite natural to explore the more mature relationships. It’s fun to do dark and interesting scenes.”

It looks as if the characters are set to evolve with the actors. Tyler suggested that this season will be much harder for Derek, who was left in a tough spot at the end of Season 2. One audience member observed that Lydia’s character in particular had spent most of the last season screaming, and asked whether she would regain her former “kick-ass” glory. Holland reassured fans that there would be less screaming and more crime-solving, as Lydia forms something of a “Scooby Doo” duo with Stiles and matures in this new role.

Another fan asked which character the actors would choose to be if they weren’t playing their own. “Stiles,” Hoechlin answered off the bat, claiming that Stiles’ character is fun and gets into all sorts of trouble. Roden chose the coach – which earned a cheer from the crowd – and Reed said she quite fancied the idea of being a werewolf! “I’d better take the hint,” Taylor said jokingly, making everyone laugh. Maybe we should watch this space…

The cast also revealed that the next season features a lot of water – and actors getting wet.

Season 3 has been confirmed for 24 episodes, 12 of which have been filmed. The second half will start being filmed in July. “Each 12 is structured like a film,” Taylor explained. “We hope MTV will pick us up for another season. We think they will.”

What do you think about the look of Season 3? Do you have any speculations? What would you have asked the cast? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!


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