Warcraft Movie Set to Film Early 2014


The movie set in the World of Warcraft universe has been given a start date by its producer Charles Roven. “First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie.” That means there’s plenty of time to hit that 2015 release date (2015 really is going to be an epic year to be a geek).

Way back in February we announced that Duncan Jones (Moon) had moved in to direct after Sam Raimi’s departure. It’s been good to hear news on the project after it being in development for so long. For the first time ever it’s starting to feel like it might actually happen.

There’s still no solid news on the characters or events of the film other than something found on the Wow Wiki. That however is from 2007 so it’s highly unlikely to resemble anything the creators are working on now.

Although there may be some truth to it being told from the Alliance point-of-view. The Alliance have the humans and the other “pretty” races in the game whereas the Horde have the Trolls, Tauren and Orcs. So it would be understandable if the producers want to focus more on them. Though it would be a shame to stick with a human main character with such a variety of other races.

But what are your thoughts? Would you prefer a human main character or something more interesting?

Sources: Wow Wiki, slashfilm

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