Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 3 Review


Covering episodes 27 to 39 of the series, the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 3 makes a huge amount of story progress in a limited amount of time. We learn some important details regarding Hohenheim’s motivations as a character and the Ishval incident, get introduced to the idea of combating alchemy with a form of transmutation with similar roots known as alkahestry, and make some serious headway in terms of delving into the mysterious roots of the Amestris and what it’s going to ultimately be used for. We also get introduced to one of the series’ greatest characters, Major General Oliver Mira Armstrong, who makes the episodes worth watching with her performance alone.

I really appreciate the fact that this stretch of 13 episodes is almost completely devoid of filler content or side stories, keeping a wonderful pace as it barrels from plot point to plot point. There’s no cliffhanger episodes or goofy antics getting in the way, just a well written progression of the series that gives some much needed answers for fans of the show. This focus on plot does lead to an increased focus in dialogue and decrease in action sequences, but when fights do happen they happen on a wonderfully large scale that never stops being enjoyable to watch.

There are a couple of moments in the episodes that really do a good job of putting Edward into situations that allow his voice actor Vic Mignogna to push himself in terms of emotional portrayal. From the escalation of Winry’s hostage status, to an uneasy alliance that has to be formed, we get to see a great range of emotions played out by Ed, even if some of the supporting cast lack the same impact in some scenes. Winry (Caitlin Glass) and Ling (Todd Haberkorn) do have a couple of scenes that allow them to act to their full potential and during those moments they’re both spectacular, but these scenes are a little too few and far between for my taste, spaced out with some substandard writing.

FMA Brotherhood Part 3 is definitely where the series starts to hit its stride in terms of performances, story direction and pacing. Gone is the hurried development of Part 1 and the side stories of Part 2. Part 3 is all killer, no filler.  

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