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Warner Brothers invited a select few to lunch today at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square London for a preview of footage from Pacific Rim. Now all I can think about is robots and punch-ups. No, not like Rock-em Sock-em Robots, I mean huge towering titan mech warriors the size of skyscrapers taking on otherworldly aliens. Aliens which are so colossal and brutally destructive in their various forms that they make Godzilla look like an unhappy gecko who threw a little strop around someone’s toy Lego city!

So what did the preview show us which we couldn’t already ascertain from the various trailers? Thankfully quite a lot; a little speech given at the start of the preview from the film’s director Guillermo del Toro helped us gain an insight to the different styles he’s putting into Pacific Rim. These all help pull the viewers from their chair and into the setting on screen. As we hear the explanation of how the art style will change greatly from vivid saturation of colours against a heavy black setting to near colourless snowy wastes, we’re able to see the full extent of this visual masterpiece. And masterpiece is all over this film; with a soundtrack which transitions between suspense and tension to excitement and action, you will be torn between sitting on the edge of your seat and holding your breath in anticipation.

Pacific Rim trailer - video

From what was shown, we got to see how the war started with the arrival of the first Kaiju, the alien monsters which arrive on Earth from another dimension through a portal between the tectonic plates at the Pacific Rim. We then get to see how conventional weapons were simply not effective enough and how when united against a common foe the world can build the behemoth machines called Jeagers.

It’s within the training grounds and hanger of the Jeagers that we next see the two new pilots of the poster machine ‘Gypsie Danger’. As Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunman) and Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) take to the command module, they begin the bridging which connects their minds so that they can control the Jeager together. However, as with sharing something like a small secret, this is a dangerous step and even with the training and forewarning of “Don’t chase the rabbit,” as the two pilots flash through each other’s memories we see the effects of being trapped within a memory and reliving the past. Obviously I’m not saying what that is, I want to go see the film and I think you should too!


The final scene shown was simply a way to make us smile. The computer voices the commands as the pilots are connected and the Jeager is dropped into Hong Kong for a one-on-one death match with the approaching Kaiju. Ellen McLain, voice of the computer, is perfect for her role as she confirms the pilots are engaged and we see Gypsie Danger move towards the approaching Kaiju. For those who have played the sensational Portal games, you will instantly recognise McLain‘s voice as Glados. Which fits oh so beautifully into the film’s setting of blending the man and machine. So with metal crushing and bone breaking punch ups unfolding on screen, we watch awestruck as the visual beauty of Pacific Rim is shown in all its glory. Seeing the destructive force of these machines in combat as the pilots harmonise to pull the perfect punch is just stunning. And my favourite moment so far; the pull back of the arm, the clenched fist, the shout for “Rocket Elbow,” the following bone crunching strike which puts the force of a jumbo jet straight into the enemy’s jawline. Okay, so maybe it is a bit like Rock-em Sock-em Robots. Also ‘Rocket Elbow’ sounds like the name of a drink someone should mix together, which could ‘pack a punch’… okay, I’ll stop that now. 

Pacific Rim is looking to be one hell of a fantastic film, which will be a perfect way to enjoy the summer this year. It’s out July 12th across the UK so make sure you get a ticket and get down to the local cinema! Watch the trailer below and check out for more information.

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