INFINITE Confirm UK On List For First World Tour


Earlier today, the seven piece K-pop boy group Infinite held a fan meeting with people from around the world using Google+ Hangout. Previously fan sites InspiritJakarta and INSPIRITfamily tweeted, “[INFO] Woollim: If people get calls from us, it means their country will be a fixed destination of the world tour.” Among those lucky few to get a call was huge Infinite fan Lucy Blackett from the UK. If rumors were correct, this meant Infinite would be coming to the UK.

As the live cam Hangout with Infinite began, there was an official announcement that the boys had confirmed a whopping 17 stops on this tour. Going by the name of “One Great Step“, they plan to announce even more stops as the tour goes on. The stops were listed on a teaser played before the Hangout session (you can check out a Fan Cam of it HERE) and are so far listed as:

  • August 9-10 | Seoul, Korea (Olympic Park Gymanstics Gymnasium
  • August 18 | Hong Kong (Asia World Expo Arena)
  • September 5 | Fukuoka, Japan (Fukuoka Convention Center)
  • September 10 | Hiroshima, Japan (Sun Plaza Hall)
  • September 13-14 | Kobe, Japan (Kobe World)
  • September 19-20 | Yokohama, Japan (Kokohama Arena)
  • September 24 | Bangkok, Thailand (Thunderdome)
  • October | Singapore
  • October | Taipei, Taiwan
  • October | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • October | Shanghai, China
  • November | Beijing, China
  • November | Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • November | New York, NY, USA
  • November | Lima, Peru
  • November | London, UK
  • November | Paris, France

Infinite have recently released their latest album New Challenge and promoted their new big hit Man In Love. It was also announced that recently the boys were in America at Universal Studios to record their comeback song music video with a budget said to be $890.000.

This is exciting news for Europe on a whole, as it means once again South Korean entertainment companies are realising there is a huge support network here for K-pop music and Korean culture. Be sure to check back for more updates as dates and times and more stops are announced, and check out the official World Tour teaser below.

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