Lantern City’s “RISE” a Steampunk Illustrated Novel to Get Release at Comic Con


The Steampunk genre is one that generally sits quietly to one side, occasionally being called over for a short time only to retreat back to the corner again. There’s a huge fanbase for everything Steampunk, there are even dedicated conventions. There are a lot of fantastic Steampunk games, movies and books out there but they’ve never started any huge trends. That might be about to change.


Lantern City is a project that was announced by Bruce Boxleitner (Tron, Babylon 5) at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. It was going to be an adventurous Steampunk television series inspired by its fans. Bruce Boxleitner encouraged the audience to head to the Lantern City website where they would find more information. He also actively encouraged the submission of their Steampunk artwork as the team sought to draw inspiration from their fans online.

lantern-city-6The website offers an exciting peak in to this collaborative piece with concept sketches, world history and behind-the-scenes videos from the creators. A year on from the initial announcement and there are some cast members in place. Fans of Once Upon a Time will be pleased to see Raphael Sbarge and Tony Amendola joining in the action. Also with them are Mira Furlan (Lost) and John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings). 

So where does RISE come in to this? Well the executive producers and creators of the television series have teamed up with Section Studios artists and Bluecanvas publishers to release the epic beginning of the saga in the form of an illustrated novel. Trevor Crafts, co-creator and executive producer of Lantern City, said the following:

“During the development of Lantern City, we’ve wanted to give our fans a way to learn more about the story behind the series before it’s broadcasted on television. Matt, Bruce and I, with the brilliant minds at Section Studios, decided to create Lantern City’s first illustrated novel to tell the beginning of the story … and ‘RISE’ was born.”

Lantern-city-4It’s an interesting idea to lead fans into this world with an illustrated novel and by the look the concept art this book might be worth buying for the illustrations alone.

“RISE” tells the story of Isaac Foster Grey, the first leader of Lantern City. Isaac battles through misfortune with a burning vengeance against his father’s killer and that man’s plan for domination over every citizen in the land of Hetra. “RISE” is a journey through a fantastic world of myth, mystery, violence and epic circumstance that challenges the definitions of good and evil.”

The creators of Lantern City will be making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con where the novel will be available for fans to buy. RISE also hits retail and online stores on the same day, July 19th. UK fans of Lantern City can pre-order the novel from the Lantern City website.

If you want to learn more about Lantern City there’s lots of fun stuff over on the official website. You can also Like them on FacebookFollow them on Twitter or admire some of the artwork on Pinterest.

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