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Odd Eye

Classical music over the decades has usually been seen as a cliché genre for snobs, but what happens when you mix classically trained musicians with the passion for K-pop music? Odd Eye is a newly formed three piece girl group who have hit the scene by storm, featuring E-eum the leader and cellist, Hayule the vocal and first violinist, and Miki the main vocal and second violinist.

The girls of Odd Eye hit the scene back in April when they released a promotional video of them performing to K-pop legend Psy‘s Gentleman. At this point you can see that they already had something unique to give us, by wearing the masks of their mascot, the sense of mystery only grew. A couple of days later a new video popped up, this time the girls were showing off their music playing abilities with a string cover of Cho Yong Pil‘s Bounce. In May the girls returned to their YouTube page to bring a String Medley of pop music, showing how diverse they can be by covering people such as Adele, Maroon 5, and Ne-yo.

Odd Eye took some time out of their busy schedule to answer some of our questions about their transformation, their growth and what they want for the future.

Q: Could you explain the meaning behind “Odd Eye”.
Odd Eye: Odd-Eye refers to having two eyes of different colors. Medically speaking, this phenomenon occurs as a result of the relative excess or lack of melanin. Musically speaking, this phenomenon happens when classically trained musicians develop an excessive sense for pop music. 

Q: What made you choose to explore the K-pop world instead of following a career in classical music?
Odd Eye: We love classical music, but classical music has a misconception and mania that those inside the classical genre should only love classical music. So we wanted to graft classical music onto popular music. E-eum and Hayule started playing the cello and violin from when they were 9 years old, and Miki started to play the violin from when she was 6.

Q: Who is your idol in the music industry both in Korean and the Western world?
E-eum: Beyoncé and cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
Hayule: Beyoncé, Musiq Soulchild and Dashi Dance.
Miki: Jay-z, Jamiroquai and Chris Brown.

Q: If you could collaborate classical music with another genre, which one would you choose? And who would you like to collaborate with if you got the chance?
Odd Eye: We would collaborate with rock, hip-hop, electronic and all music genres. We would like to collaborate with all music genres as soon as we possibly can. If we got the chance to collaborate with someone, then I think we would all like to work with Will.I.Am.

Q: There are lots of music festivals in the UK. Would you ever consider bringing your unique style and musical abilities to the UK for a joint concert or possibly a solo concert?
Odd Eye: Of course, if we have a chance to play a concert then we would like to play there. We have a varied repertoire, so all different people will like our concert and think we are a fresh group in the music world.

Q: When you are not practicing and preparing music what do you do in your spare time?
Odd Eye: We like eating delicious foods so when we have free time we go to famous restaurants and then we go to gym together to burn off the calories we just ate.

Q: What was the biggest change for you as classical musicians to come into the K-pop world?
Odd Eye: When we played classical music we couldn’t sing and dance at the same time, but now we can play our instruments and sing and dance at the same time. This is the most different thing from when we played classical music.

Q: Your masks and fashion sense are very modern yet expressionist. Is there a fashion style/theme you would like to try in the future? Who are your favorite designers?
Odd Eye: The masks are of our group mascot. We are going to match a variety of styles to our music. Our favorite designer is Jeremy Scott. We would love to wear his clothes

Q: Thinking about the future, what would you like to do for your fans on your one year anniversary? Or what would you like them to do for you?
Odd Eye: We are gonna give a concert for our fans and just want them to like and enjoy our music forever.

Q: Do you have anything to say to the readers?
Odd Eye: We hope the whole world will be our stage, so please support us and keep looking at us! Thank you so much and our international fans.

Odd-Eye’s debut song Catch Me If You Can brings a eerie, dramatic classical vibe with a punch of K-pop and rapping. It’s very unique in both its musical style and video style, something that’s completely different to all the summer and hip-hop tunes that are taking up the charts. It’s fresh, dramatic, and a mixture of three worlds.

A big thank you to Odd Eye for taking the time in answering our questions, and we hope they have all the luck in the future. Check out their debut video below, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and YouTube

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