DC’s Vertigo Makes a Comeback – Six New Series to be Released


1696_400x600Vertigo Comics, the mature imprint of DC Entertainment, has traditionally occupied a fairly niche space in the comic-book world, acting as something of a poor relative to the company’s more familiar superhero fare. Yet, in recent years, DC has opted to overhaul its primary output – including iconic characters such as Superman – in order to focus more attention on this smaller imprint.

Vertigo‘s back catalogue consists mainly of horror, fantasy and science-fiction comics, the most famous of which are probably Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman series. Despite Gaiman’s commercial success, many of Vertigo‘s other publications have struggled to acquire and maintain the same kind of followings as the Sandman comics, with new concepts often doing particularly bad financially. By commissioning six exciting new series, due to be published in October-December this year, DC hopes to inject new life into the Vertigo imprint.

The most anticipated of these new comics is a mini-series penned by Neil Gaiman as a prequel to his existing Sandman comics. The Sandman: Overture will be published every other month, beginning on 30th October and alternating with SandmanPrequelCoverspecial editions of each issue featuring additional artwork, character sketches and commentaries.

Illustrations for the comics will be drawn by J. H. Williams III, an artist known for using dark, moody imagery and unusual layouts. Says Neil Gaiman of Williams’ work:

They are the most beautiful pages I have ever seen in periodical comics. I ask him to do the impossible, and he gives me back more than I asked for.

On the right is a glimpse of the front cover for the first part of the series.

Other series due for publication this autumn and winter include Ian Edginton‘s “Hinterkind“, a post-apocalyptic story which sees the return of legendary and mythological figures, and Peter Milligan‘s “The Discipline“, an erotic thriller telling the tale of a woman at the centre of a long, drawn-out war.

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