Cat Planet Cuties Review

cat planet cuties

Cat Planet Cuties started life as a 14 volume Japanese light novel series originally titled Asobi ni Iku yo! (Let’s go Play) by Okina Kamino. A manga adaptation was also released in serialised form through the seinen magazine Monthly Comic Alive. In 2010 an anime series was created called Asobi ni Iku yo: Bombshells from the Sky and now Funimation Entertainment, and Manga Entertainment in the UK, have released the series as Cat Planet Cuties. But just what is it all about?

Earth has been ready and waiting for contact from extra terrestrials for a long time but they didn’t expect their first contact to be quite like this. The message ‘I’m going to drop by’ was received across the planet and many agreed it was from another race out in space, but what did it mean?

A teenager named Kio Kakazu discovers more than he thought he would when he attends a family memorial with a strange girl he’s never seen before. Eris is a 16 year old scout for the Catian people and has come to Earth to explore and find out all she can; she was the one ‘dropping by.’ She is quite the geek fantasy lady with cat ears, a tail and an oversized chest. Eris sets up base in Kio’s home and word starts to spread about her existence, and not everyone is best pleased about it.

A strange agency named Beautiful Contact has decided that Eris and the Catian race just aren’t right for Earth’s first contact with an extraterrestrial race and so plan to cover up her arrival. They send people after her and Kio’s friends Manami and Aoi help to rescue her, putting themselves in danger and ruining their career plans. Eris establishes Kio’s house as the official Catian embassy which keeps them all safe from further attacks.

Another party want Eris for themselves too, The Underside of the Kitten’s Paw, a religious cult obsessed with kitty ears and tails that see Eris as the ‘divine embodiment’. Their 12 year old leader, Antonia Lirimonie Norfedras Papanorgas Arecroteles Cnorses Morfenoss, is a multimillionaire who kidnaps Eris and Kio before realising she was wrong to do so and then befriending and helping them.

Eris isn’t the only member of the Catian race to appear on Earth, a whole team come down to make contact and try to set up relations with Earth’s representatives. After mistaking porn magazines for lifestyle guides the Catians attend the meeting in skimpy swimwear. Everything goes well and they head back to their orbiting ship, only to be attacked by the Dogisians.

Eris and the others need to save the crew, but only have cat robots called Assist-a-roids, a 12 year old millionaire and a bell from the Captain’s uniform. Will they save them and how?

This series is only 12 episodes long and I was fully prepared to find it tacky and dislike it, but I really didn’t. It’s ecchi and so has a lot of tongue in cheek humour and sexual references, but nothing too bold or hentai about it. There are some genuinely funny moments, normally centred around comparing boobs to fruit or Eris’ mistaking porn for lifestyle guides, and the characters are well written and easy to love.

There’s a lot happening in the storyline and many members of different organisations and sides, but it never gets overly confusing. The members of each side are easily identified by their clothing and if they want to save, worship or remove Eris. These multiple plots work well together and crossover each other occasionally too and this creates richer, less linear episodes. The pace of each episode is great and makes them so enjoyable you just have to watch the next one.

The odd love triangle (or should that be square?) between Kio, Eris, Maname and Aio really does leave you guessing and unsure who’s going to get the guy. The dynamics between the characters shift around and keep the plot fresh.

The boxset comes with an extra episode in which Eris has decided she wants to know more about Earth games. To keep everyone playing to truly win rather than just going through the motions, prizes are gathered, including a copy of the film Maname and Aoi accidentally starred in during the series. This episode is funny, especially the way the Caitains keep thinking you have to strip whenever you lose, but it does feel a little flatter than the series and slightly tagged on.

Cat Planet Cuties is certainly worth checking out if you fancy watching something a little different with a sense of humour. Keep your eyes (or ears) peeled too, there’s even an appearance by Caitlin Glass.

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