The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – New TV Pilot


A pilot for a new TV adaptation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is being made for 20th TelevisionFox‘s US television production company.

Michael Green (Heroes, Green Lantern, Kings, Smallville) will act as writer and executive producer on the pilot. Should a full series be made, he’ll become the showrunner. Erwin Stoff (The Matrix, Kings) will also be executive producing. However, neither Alan Moore nor Kevin O’Neill (respectively, writer and illustrator of the original comics) are directly involved in the project.

alanmoore1It’s hardly surprising, perhaps, that a major company should be attracted to a project like this, given that it falls into two currently booming areas of interest – comic-book adaptations and the steampunk trend – even taking into account 2003’s unfavourably received movie adaptation. What is perhaps more remarkable is that the same company responsible for that movie should want to return to the same material for a second attempt. This definitely has the potential to be a fantastic and exciting new series, with much more scope to do justice to the comics than a feature film ever could. At this stage, though, it is difficult to hold out too much hope.

The series marks 20th Television‘s first major drama sale for the new development season, and will be the latest of several screen adaptations of Alan Moore‘s work, including Watchmen and V for Vendetta.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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