Pokémon X and Y Updates: Two Gym Leaders, Professor Platane and Team Flare


A string of information about the upcoming Pokémon X and Y games has just been released, including further details about legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal, a handful of new monsters, and the names of some of the Kalos region’s human characters.

tumblr_mprld1DLGW1qb8jgwo1_1280First off, Kalos‘ Pokémon professor will be Professor Platane. Platane appears to be one of the Pokémon world’s younger professors, sporting a big, dark hairdo, an open-necked shirt and rolled-up sleeves. Within the game, there will be opportunities for players to battle this professor. 

Second, Kalos‘ antagonist team will be called Team Flare. Judging by their name and uniform, they’re likely to have some connection to fire, though what exactly this will be is still unclear. As of yet, we know little about the goal of their organisation.

Two of the region’s gym leaders will be called Citron and Zakuro. Though we don’t yet know what Pokémon types they will use, we can hazard guesses based on how they look. Citron is a passionate inventor, and has a pair of strange, robotic arms (presumably of his own making) strapped to his back. He wears a blue boiler suit with yellow details and has blond hair with a sort of lightning bolt shape at the top of his head. There’s a good chance, then, that he’ll be an electric-type trainer. Zakuro is a little more difficult to judge. Based on his dark clothing, there’s been speculation that he may use Dark-type Pokémon. What seems more likely, however, is Bulbagarden‘s theory tumblr_mpre83LIWw1r8sc3ro1_500that he will be a rock-type trainer: his hairstyle looks a little like a gem-encrusted rock formation, and his accessories closely resemble rock-climbing gear. This fits in with the vague information we’ve been given that he is passionate about sports.

We now know the types of Kalos‘ two major legendary Pokémon, Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas will be one of the new Fairy types. It will have the ability Fairy Aura and be able to learn the move Geo Control. Yveltal, on the other hand, will be a Dark/Flying type with the ability Dark Aura, and will be able to learn the new move Death Wing. Additionally, we’ve been told that previously-revealed Pokémon Clauncher and Skrelp will be version-exclusive, with Clauncher featuring in Pokémon X and Skrelp in Pokémon Y.

The new Player Search System (or PSS) will include a holocast feature to update players with news from the Pokémon Global Link, a Happy Sign which will let you know your friends’ feelings and special O Powers which can be received from other players. Players will also be able to search for Pokémon and trade with people all over the world via the Global Trade Station using the Sh feature.

Finally, details of five new Pokémon have been released:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoronda, the Agressive Pokémon, is a Dark/Fighting type, and is the evolved-form of the previously revealed Pancham. It weighs 136 kg, is 2.1m tall and can learn the move Hammer Arm





Peroppafu, the Cotton Candy Pokémon, is a Fairy type exclusive to Pokémon X. It weighs 3.5kg with a height of 0.4m. It has the new ability Sweet Pale which prevents allies from sleeping, and can learn the new move Drain Kiss.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShushup, the Perfume Pokémon, is another Fairy type, weighing 0.5kg and measuring 0.2m. It has the ability Healer and can learn Aromatherapy.






Maika, the Rotation Pokémon, is a Dark/Psychic type weighing 3.5 kg and measuring 0.4m. It can learn the new Dark type move Turn Over which reverses stat changes.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKaramanero, the Reversal Pokémon, is another Dark/Psychic type and is the evolved form of Maika. It weighs 47kg, measures 1.5m and can learn Hypnosis.


Source: Pokémon X and Y News | Bulbagarden

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