Tiger & Bunny Part 3 Review


The third Tiger & Bunny box set takes place around ten months after the conclusion of the second box set and features a much heavier focus on character development than on the impressive fight scenes.

Part 3 features episodes 14- 19 of the show and we see Tiger’s role as a hero changing following the revelation that his powers are deteriorating. While he and his daughter try to rediscover their connection as characters we also learn some insight into the past of Lunatic. Plus, we get a closer look at Bunny, his memories of his parents’ killer and some expanded growth in terms of how their death has affected him.

While the events of the ten month gap are not explored in great detail, we see parts of a talk show appearance where it’s explained that following their defeat of Jake in the previous episode, they went on to gel incredibly well as a team, which acts as a convenient shorthand to imply character development and skip to the part where we get to see them working as a cohesive team. It serves its purpose, allowing us to get to the good content we were hoping for, but it’s a shame we get so few chances to see them fighting side by side in this set of episodes.

One of the most interesting story threads throughout the six episode arc is that Tiger’s powers appear to be fading. After each mission a number of seconds of his five minute power limit slip away, and watching him deal with this revelation and his options for the future offers some great moments where he can be humanised as a character, all of which are very well acted.

We also get to see some development between Tiger and his daughter Kaede in the middle of the series. While their relationship has been strained by his absence from her life so far, it’s interesting to see the solution that’s settled upon and the revelations we get about both her character and Tiger. Kaede also gets an opportunity to become a bigger part of the plot during these episodes, something I really hope continues as the series progresses.

These episodes also offer a window into Lunatic’s past. While they do a very good job of explaining the character’s motivations and at humanising his rational, I do have to issue a trigger warning for those episodes. There are some fairly vivid depictions of domestic abuse in these episodes that seem potentially inappropriate for the set’s age rating of 12. The particular scene does feature a character we’ve seen previously in the show getting drunk and mercilessly beating his wife for his own issues in front of their child, as well as a fairly violent escalation of said scene. While this does serve an important story role, be aware of these themes before watching episode 16 and weigh up if you’re comfortable seeing those particular scenes. There’s also another enemy in the episode who abducts women, corners them, beats them and eventually kills them, which should also be kept in mind with the show’s age rating.

On the flip side, that episode, and the way it develops Lunatic, has some of the best acted scenes in the whole show. In particular, the episode concludes perfectly with the phrase “I’m no hero… and this is my idea of justice,” which sums up incredibly well the route of character progression on display.

The final narrative theme that’s explored across the arc of episodes is Bunny’s evolving attempts to deal with his parents’ murder. Without spoiling anything about that particular arc, we get some incredibly well acted scenes relating to it, some very unexpected reveals and perhaps the biggest twist of the series. While I saw the twist coming, the reasoning for it happening and the way it came about caught me completely off guard.

While not as action heavy as Part 2, Part 3 of Tiger & Bunny serves an important role regarding character development for the series going forward. I would have liked to spend some time watching the duo’s climb to the top during the skipped ten month period, but these six episodes completely change my perspective on where the series is going. I’m eagerly awaiting Part 4, as there are lots of questions now buzzing around my mind.

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