Un-Go Series One review

Un Go Episode 2

Now, I’ll start here by being completely honest – I have never been the biggest follower of anime, not for any other reason, than, I have simply never gotten round to watching any. I know, crazy right?

Well fear not anime fans as all that is soon to change, since watching and falling in love with the recently released Un-Go Series One.

Based on the works of Ango Sakaguchi and set in a post-war Japan, which has become rife with terrorist activity, Un-Go follows the adventures of Shinjuuro Yuuki. Known as the ‘Defeated Detective’, he tries to uncover the truth behind a number of mysterious crimes and cases with the help of his mysterious and magical assistant Inga, which is handy as no one can resist answering Inga’s questions.

I’m not going to ruin for you just how the pair come to know each other, for that you’ll just have to make your way through the series and the secret special episode.

Un-Go is a little baffling in the beginning, but that soon corrects itself as the show moves on, and by the end the whole thing comes together beautifully. The characters though seem to lack any back story or any real development, but the actual characterisation is rather well done, and as the show goes on you grow to love these characters and accept them for who they are.

Yuuki’s cases are always intriguing, and stem from being a little predictable, to damn right devious and clever, which made it a more interesting watch. The characters, although pretty mysterious, are easy to relate to and the underlying message of ‘Anti-War’ adds a little realism to the show.

The animation is stunningly beautiful, and the voice work throughout the show is solid and goes a long way to bringing the characters to life.

Although at times it can be a confusing as to what’s going on, especially in the beginning, the stories themselves are pretty entertaining. As a bonus feature the inclusion of the feature length episode (or film), which is aptly titled Episode 0, is a clever touch as it explains the back story, or origin if you like, of many of the characters and really ties the series together.

Al in all I found Un-Go Series One visually stunning, intelligent and a captivating work of art that is a must, not just for fans of anime, but for fans of great TV.

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