WWE Live in the UK April 2013 Review

WWE Live in the UK April 2013 CoverFollowing on from the mighty record setting Wrestlemania 29, the unstoppable force that is the WWE returned to our shores, as the aftermath was let loose in arenas all across the country. Once again, those wonderful people at Freemantle Media have pieced together some of the best moments from the tour into the 2 disc set WWE Live in the UK April 2013.

Straight away, you know that this is going to be a special tour, as not only did The Undertaker make his long awaited return to Raw, but he was also reunited with his brother Kane, and his tag team partner, to take on the seemingly unstoppable trio The Shield, in an incredible match.

The great action doesn’t stop there, oh no, in fact for the most part this DVD is a treasure trove of great in ring action.

The battle between Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler was again a truly entertaining clash, as the two went head-to-head again. Mark Henry’s gauntlet match in which he took on The Usos, Santino and The Great (or not so in this case) Khali. The on-going rivalry between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio spilled over in a long no disqualifications match. And the beast that is Ryback explains his shocking attack on the recently crowned WWE Champion John Cena.

The jaw dropping action goes on and on, and with every UK tour we get the obligatory home grown superstar in action, but this time round they went one step further and treated the UK fans to a good old British punch up between Wade Barrett and William Regal, which was actually pretty good.

The DVD does have a few drawbacks. The conversation between Mick Foley’s Socko and Santino’s Cobra, along with Foley’s Oh Danny Boy duet with Sheamus, are pretty cringeworthy, and not in a good way. But that does nothing to diminish this riotous, rip roaring wrestling collection.

WWE Live in the UK April 2013 is arguably the strongest of the UK releases to date. The in ring action is great, the Wrestlemania fallout is fantastic, and the atmosphere is so intense you can almost feel it reaching out at you, making you feel as if you were actually there, and that is a rare but wonderful thing.

Without a doubt this is a must for any WWE fan.

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