Persona 4: The Animation Box 3 Review


The third and final installment of the Persona 4 anime brings the show to a fitting resolution, tying everything up neatly and giving the show a wonderful send off. The character interactions are as believable as ever, the fight scenes still stand up as some of the best looking and most action packed of the magic teen wielding super powered hero sub-genre, and while the conclusion is in some ways predictable, it pulls the story off with such style and polish that I was able to forgive a little predictability in the overarching story.

After a couple of filler episodes at the beginning that have a more laid back and interpersonal slant, we get stuck into the crux of the show’s finale. As fog begins to seep out of TV screens right across Inaba, threatening the coming conflict with the series long running villain, the team all start to group together and plan for the final confrontation. While they are finally able to discover the identity of the mysterious serial killer, doing so unveils the severity of the situation and how tough the road ahead of them is. The final confrontation is much more serious than first expected, creating a lot of tension and leaving me anticipating a finale that didn’t disappoint in either scope or execution.

While the series theoretically ends with Episode 25, disc two also includes an OVA called No One is Alone which gives us an extra fight scene and helps the show come to a more rounded end. The fight does a great job of feeling important and being exciting to watch, even when the series finale has already occurred and the additional story beats help to set up the world of the Persona 4 Arena fighting game nicely.

Now that the entire series is out my overall feeling of Persona 4: The Animation is that it is one of the best video game to anime adaptations I’ve ever seen, managing to take a blank slate protagonist and inject him with personality without overriding his unspoken video game version. It also stands incredibly well by itself for people wanting to experience the universe but without the hundreds of hours required to complete the game. I highly recommend the series as a whole, and Box 3 does a wonderful job of bringing a spectacular show to a fulfilling close.

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