First Female Green Lantern – New DC Character Revealed



This week, DC Comics teased the debut of its newest Green Lantern character. What’s most exciting about this particular reveal is that the character in question is a woman: this is the first time a Lantern ring has ever found itself in the possession of a female character

The newest Lantern, Jessica Cruz, is apparently a “controversial figure”: judging from the image above, there seems to have been some doubt over whether or not she should have been allowed to keep her ring, which fell into her hands in the wake of the Justice League‘s death. Clearly, she’s something of an ambiguous character, seen by some, though not all, as a villain rather than a heroine.

So far, there’s not really enough information to allow readers to make a fair judgement on her character. Good or bad, though, it’s still great to see an obviously complex female addition to the DC universe, since this is an area still all too often neglected in the world of superheroes and supervillains.

Source: The Mary Sue

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