New Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced, and it’s set in Rapture

Grab your wrench and some EVE Hypos, Irrational Games have released the first trailer for Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC, and it’s in Rapture. Mild spoilers follow.

For those who have yet to play the brilliant Bioshock Infinite, or its predecessor, Infinite is more of a parallel than a sequel. It seems that Burial at Sea looks to run between the parallels. The game sees the return of our roguish hero Booker DeWitt and his complex companion Elizabeth, but with a few changes. The trailer begins in Booker’s office. After seeing the calendar on the desk, the door that played such a large part of Infinite now opens to Rapture the night before the revolution, and it is the first opportunity for gamers to witness a fully functioning Rapture, something that they have hoped for since Bioshock’s release in 2007.

Little Sisters

The Little Wonders Educational Centre caters to all of your undead children’s needs

Another thing that is sure to excite fans is Elizabeth’s new femme fatale persona. The two don’t appear to know each other, and this in itself seems to offer a wealth of possibilities as to how the characters will be involved in the fall of Rapture. As she is approached by Booker we can see him light his finger with the incinerate plasmid; a nice touch and just one of the tiny details that this game is likely to offer, bridging gaps between the games and keeping the player guessing in true Bioshock style.


Would you kindly light that for me?

With brand new areas to explore, a new look at Rapture, the return of the Little Sisters (and hopefully the Big Daddies), references to previous games in the series and a new story to tell, no matter how it plays out, Irrational Games are set up to deliver yet another mind-boggling, incredible story to leave players stunned in their seats.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea will be released later this year.

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