Warwick Davis Panel – Manchester MCM Comic Con 2013


As soon as Warwick Davis steps on to a stage, it’s very clear that he is a veteran of the convention scene. It’s amazing that he can find the time to do so many. But more impressive still is how much passion and excitement he has for being amongst fans and answering their questions.

Warwick Davis has been in a huge number of roles and each is as important as the last, with him mentioning the lesser-known The 10th Kingdom alongside big projects like Star Wars.

Although Warwick was only 11 when he got a part in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, (meaning that the role was 30 years ago) people are still asking questions about it to this day. At the panel he told us how amazed he was as a young boy getting to act besides his heroes.

“I was 11 when I took part in Star Wars, so I was meeting my heroes. So when I went on to the set for the first time, I saw Harrison Ford there, but [to me] he was Han Solo. I didn’t even care he was Harrison Ford.”

Towards the end of the panel a question was asked about the next trilogy of Star Wars movies and though Warwick made it clear that he hadn’t been told anything, he seemed keen on the idea to come back to the series as a Sith. Or possibly even an old Ewok after a 30 year-long party!

After the first Star Wars question the subject moved on to a recent episode of Top Gear where he got to be one of the “stars in a reasonably priced car.”

If you saw it, you might remember that he finished the lap in a pretty decent time, which was made even more impressive when you consider that his clutch pedal was an empty Pringles can and his seat was a pile of bread.

“Well that was a career ambition for me, once again, ticked another one off. Love the show, love the boys who present it and just getting to drive a car fast round a track like that is really exciting.”

For fans of An Idiot Abroad, it will come as no surprise that eventually someone asked about Karl Pilkington, the question being especially relevant with the panel happening in Karl’s home-town (as Warwick himself pointed out).

He expressed a mix of frustration and joy at the Mancunian star, claiming that one moment he would do something ridiculously stupid only to then say something so funny that Warwick couldn’t help but laugh and forgive him.

It was a joy to hear Warwick’s thoughts on travel and he urged everyone in the audience to get out and see places like India and China because he really believes that travel can broaden the mind.

Warwick Davis might be a film and TV star but he also works on his YouTube channel, “The Multiverse”. The channel is home to unique sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal content with an enormous fanbase. He also encouraged fans to check out the teaser for his latest project “Dwarves Assemble”.

There were many great moments during the panel, including a Harry Potter charms lesson (complete with Warwick slipping into the voice of Professor Flitwick). However, if you were to ask Warwick what was the best moment out of it all, he would probably say something about Doctor Who.

Warwick has been saying to his fans for years that he would like to be on the show and he was incredibly proud to finally say that his dream had come true. He even said that he would love to return as Porridge if he got the chance. We’ll start campaigning for the spin-off now shall we?

“I feel lucky that I got to play anything in Doctor Who, I’ve been banging on about it for years, at these events. It’s quite nice to be able to sit here and finally say I did it.” 

The enthusiasm and love Warwick Davis has for everything he does is truly astounding. His good humour and affection for the fans made this a panel I was very glad not to miss! 

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