Casting Call for The Avengers sequel reveals the New Origin of Ultron *SPOILERS!*


A casting call for The Avengers: Age of Ultron has revealed some very intriguing plot points regarding the new origin of Ultron. Warning, this is potentially a major spoiler so you have been warned!

Yesterday I had my suspicions that Iron Man could be the one to invent Ultron in the movie version of the story. It would make sense seeing as he’s the only one in the group who makes a living inventing things. That suspicion has now been confirmed. The following passage is taken from a Disney casting call for actors in the London area.

In “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” Loki is gone and the new villain will be the evil robot Ultron, who has the ability to keep upgrading his own strength, making him extremely fearsome. Tony Stark/ Iron Man becomes the unwitting creator of Ultron. The brother-and-sister team of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch become the seventh and eight members of The Avengers. Quicksilver has extreme speed, while Scarlet Witch can cast spells and has telekinesis ability. Black Widow and Hawkeye will be key figures in the film.

This explains why Joss Whedon was so adamant to keep Iron Man in the story and also why he didn’t want to do it without Robert Downey Jr. This is an extremely cool development for the character and one that could really add a whole new level of guilt on to Tony Stark’s shoulders.

What are your thoughts on this development? Is this a satisfying change or would you have preferred Hank Pym to be in the movie?


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