50th Anniversary Easter Egg – Doctor Who’s TARDIS Lands on Google Maps


As part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations, Google has hidden the Doctor’s iconic time machine on this street view of Earl’s Court Road in London.

tardis1Initially, visitors to the site will notice that a blue police box has appeared in the middle of the street, just outside Earl’s Court Underground Station and Pret A Manger next door. It’s listed simply as “Police Telephone Box”, but features the intriguing description: “BEEN STUCK! SEND FOR HELP! FEELS LIKE I’VE BEEN HERE FOR AGES. 

The best part is yet to come, however. After moving the mouse around the box a little, a set of double arrows will appear on the ground beside it. Upon clicking these, you’ll be transported inside the TARDIS, free to explore the control room!

Unfortunately, Google haven’t (yet!) permitted any wandering down corridors or into any of the infinite number of possible rooms that we know make up the bigger-on-the-inside Gallifreyan ship, but perhaps it’s just as well: who knows how many Doctor Who fans would get lost in there forever?


Look out for upcoming 50th Anniversary events on the official website!

(NB: Problems have been reported in viewing this with the new Google Maps interface. If you’re having trouble, you can either log out of Google and clear cookies, or open the link in your browser’s private browsing mode, such as Chrome’s incognito, which should solve the problem without any need to change settings or log out.).

Sources: Tech Crunch | Jalopnik

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