Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One

Citizens of Albion put on your best chicken-kicking boots, as a new instalment in the Fable universe will be coming to the Xbox One. A fully online multiplayer designed for four players, gamers will be thrust 400 years before the original Fable into the age of heroes itself. It’s all here in the trailer below and the classic Fable style has never looked better.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about Legends is not simply a return to gleefully vanquishing Hobbes and hollow men alike, but the multiplayer-centred experience. Players control heroes that reflect skill choices in the previous Fable games, demonstrated by a gritty archer, boisterous warrior, handsome rogue and mysterious mage attempting to cleanse Albion from the forces of evil. One player can, interestingly, act as the villain, sending and controlling the opposition, setting traps and wreaking havoc upon the protectors of Albion, etching their own tale into the history of this magical world. Warriors beware, because the villain can win in this game and send you back to Blighty with a bruise on your backside and a balverine close behind.

Fable Legends 1

See Albion in a Whole New Way With Lionhead’s Multiplayer Adventure.

The game is certainly moving in a different direction to its predecessors, with more definitive choices that will change your gameplay style, but with such a rich universe and a brilliant team in Lionhead Studios creating their first game for the console it is not too much to expect great things. With your friends by your side, or attempting to destroy you, this game could be just what the Xbox One needs to showcase its online capabilities whilst retaining the ability to tell great stories and create innovative, engaging game experiences.

To find out more about Fable Legends, visit Lionhead’s blog here.

Fable Legends will be available for Xbox One post release, hopefully in the near future.

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