Rambo TV Series gets First Blood?

John_Rambo-4These days it is becoming more and more commonplace to see movies adapted into in TV shows and the news that Rambo is set to follow this trend is certainly not surprising.

The show is to be produced by company eOne and producer Avi Lerner and his company Nu Image. What is interesting about this news is that Lerner was one of the producers behind the 2008 Rambo movie, a movie which faired well in the cinemas and has prompted its star Sylvester Stallone to express an interest in doing a fifth Rambo movie. Add this to the fact that both parties are currently in discussions with Stallone to get him involved and perhaps even star in the series and it would seem that this show could be replacing the mooted movie sequel.

There is no news on the proposed plot for the series but if we were to take a wild guess it would involve the son of John Rambo and feature John Rambo senior in a recurring role, likely as a mentor who pops up to save his son’s life from time to time. This is largely because it is unlikely that Stallone would be able to commit to more than this due to his movie schedules and the time that being a full time cast member would take up.

Fans should not get too excited just yet, as the recent Beverly Hill Cop series and its cancellation, despite having the movie’s star Eddie Murphy involved, should serve as a warning. Despite this eOne Television CEO John Morayniss thinks the show will not suffer such a fate, saying, “Rambo fans cover all demographics and we’re confident that we’ll quickly find this series a home.”

Do we need a Rambo TV series? Should Hollywood stop turning our favourite movies in to TV shows? Say your thoughts in the comments below. 

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