Nintendo Announce New 2DS Handheld

Nintendo 2DS (Boxed-Blue)

No, this is not a joke. Nintendo have announced a redesign of their popular 3DS handheld without the titular 3D support, called the 2DS. Hitting stores worldwide the same date as Pokémon X and Y (October 12th), the system plays all 3DS and most DS games, just without offering 3D support for 3DS games. The handheld system seems to be designed as a cheaper entry point for people wanting to play 3DS games but have no interest in the 3D function, or those who are unable to see the 3D effect and don’t want to pay for a wasted feature. The console has been priced at $129.99 in North America (the equivalent of £85). UK prices for the handheld have begun to surface, with GAME settling on £109.99.

Rather than the hinged design of all Nintendo DS systems since the original form factor DS, the 2DS will feature a solid slate style form factor that does not fold at any point, retaining a solid tablet style. It also sports just the one speaker, though games can be played in stereo with headphones. Other than that, it appears to support all other features of the 3DS. Compared to the 3DS XL, the 2DS does come with a power adapter. It is however unclear if a Circle Pad Pro attachment will be released for the redesign or if players buying digital software for the 2DS will receive any kind of price cut for missing out on 3D features. 


It is also interesting to note that the Circle Pad, D Pad and A, B, X, Y buttons have all moved from the bottom of the handheld, possibly explaining the lack of a hinge. The sleep function is no longer activated by closing the system, rather by a “sleep switch” on the bottom of the handheld.

What do you think of this news? Is the lack of a hinge a problem for you? Do you ever use the 3D on your 3DS? Does the cheaper entry point make this a more attractive system to you? Let us know your thoughts on the announcement in the comments below.

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