Rebecca Hall on Closed Circuit and the Need for Female Villains

Closed Circuit film trailer 2013

In an interview about her part in new legal thriller Closed CircuitRebecca Hall expressed her views on the portrayal of female characters in Hollywood movies:

“There’s been a sort of trend for a while of people writing strong women as women who are morally right, which is so uninteresting. It’s no fun and frankly it’s a massive disservice to womankind. It boxes us in to making these sort of slightly dull, virtuous choices.”

rebecca-hall-iron-man-3-marvelHall’s last couple of major film and TV roles, as Sylvia Tietjens, the protagonist’s promiscuous wife in Tom Stoppard‘s Parade’s End, and as conflicted scientist Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3, have certainly been anything but dull and virtuous, a pattern which is followed by her character in Closed Circuit. In it, she plays Claudia Simmons-Howe, a renowned lawyer whose defence of an accused terrorist is undermined by an extra-marital affair with her colleague, Martin Rose (played by Eric Bana).

Said Hall to The Wrap,

“We need to be villains too. We need to be messy and sloppy and three-dimensional and complicated and that’s writing a strong woman. I liked that this woman was making mistakes and was compromised.”

tumblr_megs3gmI7s1qmz42ho1_500Later this year, Rebecca Hall will also make her Broadway debut in Machinal, a 1928 play by journalist Sophie Treadwell, which tells the true story of a woman who murdered her husband after having an affair with a younger man. The case was also the inspiration for Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice, but despite this, the play is rarely performed, which Hall finds unfortunate:

“It’s a fascinating play that’s essentially been buried for ages. I think people study it in colleges and people are aware of it, but nobody really does it. It’s an example of a writer being slightly written out of history.”

Closed Circuit opened in the US this week, and is due for UK release on Friday 1st November this year. You can watch a trailer for the film below:

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