Watch and Wear – New Video Screen Earrings


489264029a59459234b6c959e525a9bf_largeHow would you like to be able to wear your favourite films and TV shows about your person? What about showing them off on a new bit of bling?

Well, thanks to an Indiegogo project set up by a US-based company, you can now help directly to make this concept a reality. Yes, we are living in crazy, futuristic times.

MJ Mclaren have developed tiny mobile screens connected to miniature storage devices that can hold and play around 4-8 hours of video, including sound. Like most mobile devices, they can be easily linked up to a computer for uploads and downloads via USB, and according to the Indiegogo funding page, the devices, “can show videos as slide shows, screen savers, real home made videos, family videos, music videos, advertisement videos, or professionally developed videos.”db849f75605e2716de514d9031b6bbaa_large

The project is currently focused on creating sets of earrings, but if successful, it seems likely the company will diversify its product range. It’s certainly easy to see how the design could be adapted for pendants or wristbands, and MJ Mclaren claiming that, “The Video Earring is the ultimate fashion symbol and is the first of possible many other designs to come from MJ Mclaren.”

Ultimate fashion symbol! Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll see people modelling whole video screen outfits.


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