WWE Superstar Collection DVDs – John Cena and Randy Orton reviews

ortoncenaIf you’re a casual wrestling fan looking to pick up a cheap collection of some of your favourite wrestler’s matches then WWE Home Video UK have just the answer for you – the Superstar Collections. For a low price you get a number of classic bouts from the last four years featuring the top superstars in the industry often fighting over titles in various stipulations and gimmicks.
Missing John Cena already? Then this offering might help to cure that for a short while, as we see the leader of the Cenation take on some of his most formidable foes. Relive the heights of years gone by as John battles against adversity and the ever hostile WWE Universe to overcome all odds. Firstly we see a contest against the popular Chris Jericho at Armageddon 2008. Jericho is one of the most consistent and reliable in-ring performers and this match delivers everything you would expect. Compare to the Y2J of today and it’s clear he hasn’t missed a beat.

Two matches from 2009 see Cena wrestle his toughest opponents. At Survivor Series he faced both HHH and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat for the WWE Championship, two of the most successful men in wrestling history. John then went on to combat Randy Orton over who was Superstar Of The Year on Raw. Considering what’s happening this year with Orton, you can imagine this is a match we’ll be seeing again when Cena returns from injury. We round off the set with a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the title as John Morrison and Cena get their opportunity at the gold in 2011 against the dastardly Miz at Extreme Rules. This is The Miz at his devious best and Morrison as the daredevil against the veteran Cena looking to regain his most prized possession.
Before Randy Orton became HHH’s ‘face of the WWE’ he was actually more likely to be giving him an RKO or a punt to the skull. Orton’s Superstar Collection highlights some of the long journey he has taken to the top of the ladder where he sits today. The Viper and The Game were vying for that exact same spot in 2009 and we see them here in a gruelling Three Stages of Hell match from The Bash which shows just how brutal both men can be. Surviving that match, they went on to a Triple Threat match against John Cena at Night Of Champions, a match we’re unlikely to ever see again now HHH is more comfortable in a suit.
Orton’s match against Ted DiBiase from Raw in 2010 isn’t a classic by any means and works far better as part of the Legacy storyline from that period. With DiBiase leaving the company this year, this match is likely the closest he ever came to a main event as a solo performer. The final bout on this collection is against in-ring general Christian from Capitol Punishment 2011. If you’ve seen any of their work together from Smackdown in recent months then you’ll know they gel very well and always put on a decent show together.
Both of these collections offer some enjoyable matches involving top superstars. If you like no-frills wrestling on a budget and you don’t own all the PPVs or other collections, then these DVDs could be a great place to start. Kids would also enjoy watching two of the most popular WWE superstars on these discs.
WWE Superstar Collection DVDs: John Cena and Randy Orton are available now from Amazon and various other retailers.

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