MCM Ireland Comic Con Announced for 2014!

The MCM Expo Group has announced today that it is launching MCM Ireland Comic Con in 2014, the group’s first international event.

Set to take place in Dublin at the city’s premier event venue, RDS in Halls 1 and 2 on 12-13th April 2014, the event promises to bring a mix of  sci-fi, videogames, comics, cosplay and anime to the Irish capital. 

“A lot of fans have been asking us when we were going to do a Dublin show, so we decided it was high time to take the MCM brand across the Irish Sea.” comments event co-organiser Bryan Cooney. 

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  1. Kyle Rolfe says:

    and now wales please

  2. Claire Courtney Claire Courtney says:

    yay!!!!!!!…i cant wait even tho i knew about it already!!!!!

  3. BarackObama says:


  4. bouncer0304 says:

    Great news for Ireland but Wales is now the only part of the UK without an MCM event. Is there any reason why Wales is being missed out? Have you thought about the fact that certain people on extremely tight budgets (like myself) cannot go far for events? A few months ago in Neo magazine, a reader wrote in asking why no MCM event was being held in Wales, and MCM said they were looking at Wales because they wanted to go there. Now they decide to choose Ireland instead! It makes it look like they don’t want to come to Wales simply because they don’t think it will be worth the effort and fans don’t exist, which is not true. Wales has plenty of places which could host this type of event. Sadly, us Welsh fans may have to wait until 2015 (they added on one extra event for this year and seems that way for next year) which makes me very sad indeed. May have to unfollow MCM on twitter for a while as photos from Glasgow MCM made me weep inside thinking about how much we’re missing out :'( Seriously hope MCM change their mind and add an event in Wales for next year as they are seriously missing out and letting a lot of fans down at the same time. Then again, how likely are they to listen?

  5. Belinda Curtis says:

    Fantastic news !!!! Now where can we get our tickets

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