Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 Hits Its Kickstarter Goal

Ejta88HCapcom producing legend Keiji Inafune launched his Kickstarter on Saturday 31st August, asking people to support Mighty No. 9. Projected by his independent studio Comcept, Mighty No. 9 is pitched as a “Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune.” The style and the artwork immediately gives you the impression of the classic Mega Man side-scrollers. It only took up until Tuesday 3rd September for Comcept to reach their goal of $900,000. Since then they’ve backed another $600,000 totaling $1.5 million pledged from over 26,000 backers.

Pledging goals start from $5 (your name in the credits) and go as far as rewards of $10,000 (dinner with Keiji Inafune). You can pledge $20 for a digital copy of Mighty No. 9 with the expected delivery date of April 2015. For old school gamers who like to own physical copies of their games, Inafune put up the option to own a classic-style game box (Western or Japanese-style), with a printed version of the instruction manual (English or Japanese), and a special backer-only golden colour variation for the game’s hero, Beck – all for $60 ($75 shipping outside of the US).

The campagin comes to an end on October 1st, so we could see Inafune rack in a few hundred thousand, possibly million. To celebrate those milestones the Stretch Goals they’ve introduced are invaluable! They’ve already introduced “TWO MORE STAGES!”, “MAC / LINUX VERSIONS”, and after breaking $1.5 million they celebrated by introducing a “NEW GAME PLUS & TURBO MODE!”

The outstanding goals include a “MAKING-OF DOCUMENTARY” from 2 Player Productions, previously known for their excellent Minecraft: The Story of Mojang documentary. Following that, if they break the $2.2 million glass ceiling they are promising “PS3 / 360 / WII U Versions” of Mighty No. 9.

As of writing, you’ve got 26 days left, which leaves plenty of time for you to get in on some of the sweet old school side-scrolling action. Heck, for $2,500 you can even put your face in the game and then have it kicked in by Mega Man’s nephew – BECK!

Source: Kickstater: Mighty No. 9 by comcept USA, LLC

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