PlayStation 4, PS Vita Slim and new PS Vita TV seen in action

Earlier today in Japan a Sony press conference saw a few announcements and reveals, such as the Japanese release date for the PlayStation 4 and new slimmer PS Vita, as well as unveiling their new PS Vita TV.

Sony will launch the PlayStation 4 in Japan on 22 February 2014 at a cost of ¥39,980 yen (around $400 / £255). It will arrive three months after its November release in North America and Europe.


PS VITA 2000 Slim (Six Colous)The PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) was revealed as 20 % thinner (just 15mm wide) and 15% lighter (weighing just 219g). It has 1GB of memory, and will go on sale in Japan on 10 October, with six different colours available. The new model will cost ¥18,980 (around $190 / £122).


PS VITA TV with DUALSHOCK3 ControllerAlso announced was the PS Vita TV. Basically a Vita console that loses the screen, but gains the use of a DualShock 3 controller. Allowing gamers to play PS Vita games on their TV, it can also play PSP and PS1 as well as streaming video and music. It goes on sale in Japan from 14 November, costing ¥9,480 (around $95 / £61). An additional bundle that comes with an 8GB memory card and DualShock 3 will cost ¥14,280 (around $143 / £92).


A Day With PlayStation (Takuya playing Deep Down)A video showcasing all three in action was uploaded on the Japanese PlayStation YouTube channel shortly after the conference. Titled A Day With PlayStation, it places major emphasis on the Share button and how PlayStation can bring people together. The video opens with Akira playing Capcom’s online RPG Deep Down. He’s doing pretty well but could use some help with defeating a dragon. He uses the Share button to show his friend Takuya where he’s up to. Takuya then switches on his PS4 and joins Akira’s game. Together they defeat the dragon. Takuya shares his gaming experience with his friend Sayaka.

A Day With PlayStation (Sayaka playing Knack)

Here Sony demonstrates the Remote Play feature between the PS4 and PS Vita. Sayaka is absolutely loving Knack on her PS4, but then realises she’s late for a lecture. Before heading out she makes sure to pack her PS Vita Slim. Once the lecture is over she says hello to a few friends, makes her way to a breakout area, whips out her PS Vita Slim and continues to play Knack from where she left off. She then meets Ryo, who is off to meet some friends.


A Day With PlayStation (PSVita TV in action)Ryo is later seen sat with three of his friends in a dorm room and together they’re playing God Eater 2 on the PS Vita Slim. Seconds later in an adjacent room someone is playing Danganronpa 1-2 Reload on the PS Vita TV, but he stops so that he can have a match with his best friend on Tekken 2. Then two girls arrive, so they stop the game and use the PS Vita TV to watch The Amazing Spider-Man. The video culminates with everyone meeting up for a Killzone Shadow Fall tournament, with the Share button being used to stream the event.


There is currently no word yet on whether the PS Vita Slim or PS Vita TV will see a release outside of Japan. The PlayStation 4 launches in the US on 15 November and in the UK on 29 November. 


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