MCM Belfast Comic Con 2014 Announced!


The MCM Expo group have today announced another new addition to their 2014 events calender, MCM Belfast Comic Con! Due to take place on June 7th-8th at the Kings Hall in Belfast, the event plans to bring the group’s signature mix of sci-fi, games, comics, anime and cosplay to Northern Ireland for the first time. 

Commenting on the new show, the group’s ninth for 2014, MCM co-organiser Paul Miley said: “We’re delighted to be bringing our popular comic con brand to Belfast next year. After we announced our new Dublin show, Northern Irish comic book fans were asking when they were going to get an event …well, here it is!”

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  1. TheChrisD says:

    Bit close to Q-Con, no?

  2. Jess says:

    How much will tickets be and when will they be on sale? Looking forward to this and Q-Con! 😀

  3. peter lennon says:

    i have been doing shows since day one. years ago and have never seen the amount of people coming to a show since the early days of henry cook they was ripping the comics out of the boxes like there was no tomorrow they got it right cannot wait till next year its a shame we gotta wait 12 months maybe they will slip one inbetween

  4. ali says:

    when will the tickets be on sale

  5. Roy Majury says:

    Tickets on sale….When????

  6. Rhianne says:

    when are tickets going on sale, and how much will they be? first time going and so excited

  7. Rhianne says:

    just checked london website and tickets for october are £16.50 for an early purchase which gets you in quicker and can skip the lines. hopefully tickets for belfast will be the same or a bit cheaper cause its a smaller venue. anybody know when tickets are going on sale??

  8. […] a long time coming and after attending many conventions we couldn’t be happier that we have a Comic Con in Belfast. Belfast has attracted alot of attention and interest thanks to MTV EMA 2011, Game of Thrones, […]

  9. Littleleo says:

    Can’t wait. When and where will tickets be sold and how much

  10. nadinerater says:

    I’m involved in QCon and although it will give us more competition I can’t help but get excited

  11. Marc McClean says:

    Ohhhh Yeahhhh……… I am shaking with exitement

  12. totoro says:

    when can you buy tickets ??

  13. Rhianne says:

    comic con belfast now has a facebook page, if you like it then you will see straight away when they post any information about it. when and how much tickets will be. go like the page!!

  14. Robyn says:

    When r tickets on sale and how much shall they be ??? 🙂

  15. olivia says:

    For everyone wanting tickets, there’s info on this page

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