No One Lives DVD Review

Set deep in the heart of the redneck country, an unnamed man and his partner, Betty, are in the midst of relocating, making a pit stop at a small motel. When grabbing a meal at the local bar they have a run in with a gang of home robbing criminals. Upon leaving the town, the couple are run off the road by one of the more psychotic criminals.

They awake to find themselves taken hostage in an old farmhouse, deep in the woods. After a freak accident, Betty is dead and the gang find something unexpected in her car. At this point the mysterious traveller has broken free from the farmhouse and he wants what’s in that car and he will go through anyone in his path.

From the creator of Midnight Meat Train and Versus, Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura delivers a blood soaked thriller that’s a throw back to the eighties slashers. Soon appearing in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Welsh born actor Luke Evans plays the mysterious traveller, who essentially is the Jason Bourne of psychopaths. There are movies you watch and you know never to mess with that man, key example; Liam Neeson in Taken, people will now think the same with Luke Evans – one scary mother bluffer.

Our leading actress is The Great Gatsby star Adelaide Clemens. Clemens stars as Emma, a mysterious woman with links to Evans’ past. Emma handles herself quite well, coming across as a protégé to Evans’ character at first when she goes up against the gang of criminals. As the film continues we do get some back story between the two which helps to pad out this simple story, basically – mess with me and No One Lives.

Other notable names in the film include the glamorous America Olivia, her most mainstream appearances being 2009’s Friday the 13th and the girls with guns grindhouse roller coaster Bitch Slap. WWE Superstar Brodus Clay also makes an appearance in the first half of the film and he’s used for a very interesting introduction for the second half.

For those familiar with Kitamura’s past directorial work, the man is brilliant with his physical effects. His directorial debut Versus blew my mind back in 2000. So when it comes to blood, I knew Kitamura would deliver buckets of it! We get everything, from the cast slipping in it to some of them even bathing in it! The executions are cringeworthy, admittedly it come across silly at times, but still fun – it’s got everything you want, blood, violence and brief nudity, all wrapped up tightly into 86 minutes.

The special features on the DVD include a trailer for the film, but if you upgrade to the Blu-Ray you are treated to a From Script to the Crypt – Behind the scenes feature. No One Lives is rated 18 and is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from 23rd September.

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