Fox Grabs Commissioner Gordon TV Series From Warner Bros


Fox entered a bidding war with Warner Bros TV and Bruno Heller (creator of The Mentalist) for the rights to “Gotham“. Fox won and Deadline has reported that this is one of the biggest deals this season.

The series follows the life of Commissioner Gordon before he met Batman as well as the origins of Gotham’s villains. Most audiences will think of Gary Oldman and the Christopher Nolan movies at the mention of Gordon, but with the Batman movie universe moving onwards it’s far more likely we’ll see a new actor in the role.

Fox are obviously hoping for a success with this one and it’s likely they’ll get one. DC might not be having as many movie successes as Marvel, but on TV they’ve had some big hits. Whether it’s live-action or animation, DC stories clearly lend themselves to a longer format.

What’s especially exciting about this project is that there hasn’t been a live-action series set in the Batman universe for a very long time. Batman won’t be a part of this series but for many fans it’s the villains that really make these stories so entertaining.

But what do you think? Would a series about Commissioner Gordon be an interesting change of pace or is a Batman series without Batman just a bad idea?

Source: Deadline

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