EXCLUSIVE Interview With Crispi Crunch

Fans of the clubbing and rapping scene in Korea would have heard of the legends Crispi Crunch along their travels and know of them to be one of the most unique, fun and crazy duo’s on the Korean music entertainment scene.

A K-POP, electronic, hip-hop duo in Korea, Crispi Crunch consists of members Little Cheezy, a performer and melody rapper, and CSP, a producer and pure rapper. They officially debuted in 2011 with their single “Thumbs Up“ and immediately gained popularity for their rapping skills and witty antics on stage. The duo are also known for working in the underground label/crew “Soul Connection“. Their playful teasers drew lots of attention from some very raunchy moments to some brilliant behind the scenes teasers for their upcoming songs.

After the success of “Thumbs Up” the boys took on a more mellow approach which showed off their skills from working with different genres with the release of “Learn Separation Of Words“. Keeping with the heartwarming feels, Crispi Crunch joined together with Seehyeon and released the beautiful yet sad song “Goldfish“. Things were then spiraled into the usual style of crazy yet amazing dance tracks with the release of “Menboong time” which featured Yung Mi Anh. The Crispi Crunch guys are known to take a lot of time interacting and giving fan service to their fans. One of the things they have been doing is taking requests on things to do on camera. One of those requests was to do the infamous “Cinnamon Challenge“, which is one of my favorite videos of Crispi Crunch to date!

Even though Cheezy and CSP are extremely busy with touring and producing some new music, the pair took a moment out of their busy schedule to answer some questions MCMBuzz readers had sent in, and to give us a preview of what’s to come.

1239553_519060771502019_2021381146_nYou both debuted as Crispi Crunch back in August 2011 with the amazing club song “Thumbs Up”. At the time did you both think you would become such a sensation within the hip hop/club scene around the world?

LC: We both knew that K-POP was going worldwide, so we hoped that our song would be popular but didn’t know that it was a worldwide club tune song!

Your videos are always comedic, and obviously show your personalities. But are the CSP and Little Cheezy we see on the screen as wild and fun in real life?

LC: In real life to tell the truth, CSP is always staying at the studio working on his songs, and on his artist’s projects.
CSP: As for Cheezy, he always studies English, watches videos on YouTube and trying out for TV shows.

Everyone has one person or more in their life who has inspired them to become what they are today. Who are your inspirations?

LC: Steve Aoki 
CSP: EMINEM, Krewella  

After being interested in the Korean music scene for over 13 years I can say “Soul Connection” is a part of my upbringing. Do you keep in contact with the other members of Soul Connection anymore? Will there be any future productions at all?

CSP: I was the leader of Soul Connection and now I’m running a small entertainment business called Yub Entertainment (We could say it’s a developed version of Soul Connection). I am also still in contact with all the artists who have been in our Soul Connection crew. 

You have recently been co-hosting on Arirang World. Is this something you would like to follow and keep doing? What shows would you like to be host on?

LC: I steadily want to be hosting on Arirang TV and radio shows, but also to work on other English channels as well (such as EBS). I want to become an entertainer like the entertainers in Korea such as HAHA, MC MONG, or the Leessang duo (Gary and Gil).


You recently performed in the Philippines and of course you have been performing in Korea. Is there anywhere else in Europe that you would like to perform? Would you ever come to the UK to perform?

CSP: We would love to go to Europe, it’s where the electronic sounds have been born, especially in England. England is where Cheezy-hyung can speak English so we would be more comfortable… I think… (laughs)!

You have been working with Soomin from April Kiss recently, how has it been working with her? Could you see future collaborations with her or April Kiss?

LC: Actually it was supposed to be us featuring on the single, but Soomin’s CEO wanted to have a collaboration with us, and there were some advantages for us. So we chose to do a song together and created the new song “O.D.L“. We are currently looking for a female who has a lot of talent to make this male duo (Crispi Crunch) an even better team.

If you could collaborate with a British/American singer, and a Korean one, who would you choose and why?

LC: For the foreign artists we would have to say famous DJ’s such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Krewella. As for Korean artists it would have to be all the famous DJ’s and Psy.

You both started your own ‘Reaction Videos’ based on the latest releases. We haven’t seen any for a while, and fans are desperate to see more. Do you have any plans to carry on creating ‘Reaction Videos’ or giving fans some ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos?

CSP: We actually wasn’t that excited to film those kinds of videos. Our staff from the company just half-forced us to do them, but some of them were quite funny for the fans, and we still have requests coming in. If our ‘Crunchers’ want us to do some more, then we’ll consider doing them again. Not periodically but possibly once in a while.

As previously said, you both seem like fun and crazy guys, but what do you like to do within your spare time?

CSP: I like drinking alcohol. 
LC: I like drinking coffee, but we like going to the clubs and hanging around with friends.

923077_639677159379260_621493170_nWhat’s the weirdest present you have received off of a fan? What kind of presents would you like to receive?

LC: Because of my name a fan gave me a real cheddar cheese from Europe. And I love having any kind of gifts if it meant something from the fans.
CSP: I would like to have an alcoholic beverage from around the world.

Do you have any big plans for the future that you can share with our readers? Any upcoming releases, collaborations or tours?

LC: Right now we’re working on going abroad, maybe club tour promotions in the near future. Right now though we’re planning to go to China for a club tour, and will also be releasing our new song “O.D.L” and “Way to go, Father” 

Thank You for taking the time to do this interview! Could you please send a message out to the MCMBuzz.com readers and your fans (Crunchers) in the UK!

LC:  I really thank you all who support us. Even though we’re not that famous, we’re trying our hardest to get there. There are many K-POP idol groups in Korea, and I know they have a lot of fans too. But most of them are not true artists. I’m not dissing anyone or any groups here, but they are made from their entertainment company. But, we’re made 100% from us. We make our own music, we communicate to our fans directly, we get involved in our own music videos, and we do everything by ourselves. People tend to get their interests by the looks of members, or how they dance, the influence of their companies…but I wish and hope if you’re a music lover, that you will try to look at the inside of the artists. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the fans around the world, and the people who enjoy our music.

Be sure to follow Crispi Crunch on their Official Facebook Fan Page and follow Little Cheezy and CSP on Twitter, and whilst waiting for their new release “O.D.L” be sure to check out their latest song “Sajangnim Nice Shot”

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