Steins Gate Season Two Review

Steins Gate Part Two DVD CoverSeason Two of Steins Gate has finally clattered its way through to me and now that I know how everything ends I can sleep well at night once more, but is it really that good? This will probably contain spoilers for you if you haven’t seen the first series.

This second series takes everything from the first and builds on it and twists it into a headache of excellent anime. After the death of Mayuri at the hands of the SERN rounders and Moeka, whom Okabe refers to as Shining Finger, Okabe jumps back in time to prevent the death of his childhood friend from happening. However, no matter how many times he jumps and tries to prevent the death, it keeps happening in various ways. Okabe starts to feel powerless to help Mayuri and turns to Kurisu for help.

With the assistance of Suzaha they realise that to change such a huge thing on a timeline they will need to break past the 1% divergence barrier between timelines so they can jump onto a beta line. In order to do this the team decide they have to go through all of the d-mails they have sent and undo them, but this comes at a cost for the people who made them. Suzaha understands the timeline theory as she is from the future and was sent back to try and prevent the oppressive future that lies ahead.

Alongside the main storyline of trying to undo all the d-mails and save Mayuri there are a few side plots interweaving back and forth which creates a greater level of depth to the anime. This series really seems more complicated and deeper than the last one, with the relationships between characters being explained and developed. We find out just why Mayuri is Okabe’s hostage and why she holds her hand up to the sun and stars in the odd way that she does. This all adds to understanding the pain Okabe is in and why he simply can’t lose his friend.

There are a couple of plot twists which aren’t too obvious from the start, such as just who FB is that Moeka reports to and how Okabe can finally save Mayuri’s life. This variation in plot keeps the series feeling fresh and gives the storyline much more depth without ever getting too over complicated.

Through the various plotlines we learn more about the minor characters such as Ruka and Faris, however there’s a distinct lack of information on Daru. He is caught up in another’s side plot but he always seems to remain a supporting character and never has his own plot or development. It would have been nice to find out a little more about a character who is so entangled in Okabe’s life.

Overall however this series is great and I’d go as far to say it is even better than the first series. The touching interaction between the characters is really refreshing and positive and the storyline will keep you hooked until the end!


Steins Gate Season Two is available on DVD and Blu-ray from September 30th.

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