Frictional Games teases SOMA

Soma ImageIndependent developer Frictional Games, responsible for horror titles such as Penumbra and Amnesia, have revealed details on their next game, which may or may not be called SOMA.

The site has gone live with a case file referred to as Vivarium, which includes a five minute video. The majority of the video has an engineer trying her best to repair a machine with a modified screen and a clutter of cables. She doesn’t seem to be having much luck with it. “I think it just died on me,” she says after it suddenly powers down. But then it starts up again and shows her something disturbing. 

The site shows that more case files are expected to be “recovered.” The site itself also flickers in and out revealing garbled text in the background (“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” – This is a quote from Phillip K. Dick’s VALIS).

Adding more questions rather than answers, Frictional Games’ Facebook and Twitter pages have been leaving cryptic messages. One such message being, “This strange system was a lot stranger than we first thought. Please have patience while we try to get it under control.”

Frictional Games previous titles have been released on PC, but with PlayStation Europe tweeting a link to the site (saying, “Something strange is afoot”), it would suggest that their next title is bound for PS3 or PS4 too.

What do you think SOMA might be about? 

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