The MCM Buzz London Comic Con Countdown Ticket Competition Weeks 1-3 winners!

With the fourth week of the The MCM Buzz London Comic Con Countdown Ticket Competition now upon us, it is time to take a look back on the last three weeks and their winners.

Week One saw us ask you the question, what are the locations of the two newest events that were recently added to the MCM Comic Con family? The answer was C) Dublin and Belfast. The person who guessed this correctly and was chosen at random was: Kristina Ricks.

Week Two saw us move the competition on Facebook and ask you to provide a caption for the picture below, the winner of which was Tom Gibson with his caption: “Pikachu used iPhone. It’s super effective!”

Picture taken Joshua Potter

And finally for Week Three we asked those following us on Twitter to complete the following sentence: “If Pokemon were real I would…….” The person whose answer we liked the most was Richard Shearwood, who used the following answer to complete the sentence: “Be a lot more wary of teenagers in baseball caps (and I’m already pretty wary).”

So with three happy winners now on their way to MCM London Comic Con all that remains are two more chances to win as part of the MCM Buzz London Comic Con Countdown Ticket Competition! So if you’d like to win then keep an eye on and follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter.


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