Asda Offers 3D Printing Service

Asda 3D Printing (figurines)UK supermarket chain Asda is trialling out a 3D printing service, mainly promoting how during your shopping trip you can take the time out to have yourself scanned in their studio in order to create a miniature 3D figurine of yourself.

The service is on offer to customers at their York store from 15 October and if it does well then it’ll soon be available nationwide. Prices start from just £40 for an 8-inch/20cm figurine (as a comparison, Levavo charge £102 for a 6-inch/15cm figure). The cost will obviously be higher for anything larger.

They have uploaded a short video showing how it works:

Scanner cameras circle the subject, with the software able to pick up to six million different colours. Once captured the 3D image is sent to a 3D printer to be printed out in ceramic with the option of having it in colour, white or a bronze-style coating.

In a statement by Asda they believe that “3D printed ‘mini me’ figures will add a whole new dimension to shoppers’ mantelpieces. ‘The lifelike models are also expected to be popular as personalised wedding cake toppers, and you could even have a model of your family pet.”

If you wanted, you could turn up in cosplay and receive a figurine of yourself cosplaying your favourite character. The service isn’t just limited to scanning people, for there is also the possibility of 3D printing replica props or accessories for your cosplay too (provided you own an original that can be scanned).

Do note that Asda have placed restrictions saying that they will not scan anything that infringes on copyright, as well as stating that they will not scan anything smaller than a shoe.

What are your thoughts on the service? Are you thinking of using it? How long do you think it’ll be before 3D printing turns up in libraries and newsagents?

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